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How can an instalment plan help me?

With an instalment plan, you don't need to pay off your balance in one go - you pay off your balance in smaller amounts over an agreed period.  
Please remember you need to keep up with your instalments once you've set up a plan. If you miss a payment, we’ll need to start our debt recovery process, so it’s important that you agree a plan that is affordable for you.  
When working out what you can afford you will also need to take into account how much you need to budget for your future bills to keep your account up to date. 
One easy way to make sure you keep up with your instalment plan and keep your account up to date is for us to give you a pay as you go (PAYG) meter. This type of meter will help you repay your arrears but can also help you reduce future costs by cutting the amount of energy you use as: 
  • Your in home display will show you approximately what you’re using in real time
  • You pay for your energy before you use it by adding credit to your meter
  • You only spend what you can afford, but can add to your credit whenever is convenient to you
  • PAYG has many more convenient ways to top up than a traditional pre payment meter eg online
  • We agree a weekly amount to deduct from your top ups to pay for your arrears 
Find out about a PAYG meter Whether you want to pay by Direct Debit, cash, cheque or PAYG the first step is to get in touch so we can agree the best solution.  How do I get money and debt advice   

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The above advice might not apply, as you now need to pay straight away. But we're here to help if you're struggling to pay, so please get in touch.

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