How can I reduce my energy costs?

1. Get energy saving tips

Our 'Top ways to save energy' guide gives you simple tips on how to reduce your energy bills – at little or no cost!

It gives you ways to save money in the kitchen, bathroom and on the heating and lighting throughout your home.

Read our top tips

2. Get a smart meter

Having a smart meter won't automatically mean lower bills; but it can help you cut your energy use.

Smart meters give you an up-to-date and accurate picture of your energy use. With this at your fingertips, you can see where you might be able to reduce your energy use – and therefore your bills.

Get a Smart Meter

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3. Get a  pay as you go (PAYG) smart meter

A PAYG meter can help you take control over your energy spend because:

  • you pay for your energy before you use it, by adding credit onto your meter
  • you only spend what you can afford; you can add as little as £1 of credit at a time 

 The easiest way to see if you can get one yet, and book your installation, is to click on the link below to access MyAccount: (you'll need to log in or register first)

  • go to the ‘Smart' section book a date and time that suit you
  • get your smart meter installed

Get a Smart Meter

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