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Have I had my Warm Home Discount – where will I see it on my bill?

Credit Meter

If you have a credit meter, your Warm Home Discount rebate will be credited directly to your account. Once this has been applied, it will show on your next bill.

Prepayment Meter

If you are a prepayment customer you will receive a voucher in the post along with instructions on how to redeem it. Please note that you can only redeem the voucher at the Post Office.

Smart Pay as you go

If you are a smart prepayment customer, the rebate will be credited directly to your meter.  You will receive confirmation once this has been completed.

 ​​​You can also view your account balance, and check when the payment has been applied online on your My Account here. You’ll need to register for MyAccount first if you haven’t already done so here.

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