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Can I write to you with a Feed-in Tariff query?

Yes you can. Our address is Green Hub, EDF Energy, Gadeon House, Grenadier Road, Exeter EX1 3UT. Or you can email us at Feedintariffs@EDFEnergy.com.

I’ve had some modifications made to my solar energy system. What do I need to do next?


If the work you’ve had done was to the inverter, it won’t make any difference to your Feed-in Tariff so you don’t need to let us know. For anything else, email us to tell us what’s changed. Our email address is Feedintariffs@EDFEnergy.com.

How do I complain about my Feed-in Tariff?

Email the team at Feedintariffs@EDFEnergy.com and we’ll try to fix any problems as soon as we can.

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