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Can I get a refund if my balance is in credit?

Yes, you can get a refund if you’re in credit. But first you’ll need to check that your balance is up to date by giving us a meter reading. There are three ways to send us this:

How to get a refund - existing customers

If you pay by cheque, debit or credit card

If your account is in credit you can use our existing customer refund form to check your eligibility and submit the request. If a refund is due we'll either pay this directly into your account or send you a cheque.

If you pay by monthly Direct Debit

Once we've completed your review, if we have an up to date meter reading and we find your account is in credit or in debit, we'll usually update your monthly payment amount to spread the balance across the following 12 payments.You'll see the details on your bill.

Remember that we work out your Direct Debit amount over 12 months. So at some points in the year (like in the summer when you have the heating on less) it's likely your account might be in credit. You might want to leave this credit to cover times when you use more energy (like in the winter).

It's also worth checking your latest bill is recent and based on actual meter reads as this could impact your account balance.

If you think you're due a refund outside of your annual review, please contact us.

If you're a prepayment customer

Your meter will always show you how much credit you have, so it’s unlikely we’ll need to give you a refund. If we’ve given you any credit such as a goodwill payment, we’ll refund you immediately. And if you return a broken payment key or card to us which has credit on it that hasn’t transferred to the meter, we’ll send a refund to the current key or card you’re using to top up.

How to get a refund - if you’re not an EDF Energy customer or planning on leaving

If you have moved to another supplier

If you’ve switched suppliers and you pay by Direct Debit, cash, card or cheque, we’ll send you a final bill. We’ll automatically refund any credit to you within 14 days of your final bill/invoice. If you have a prepayment meter and you’re moving house You need to give us your meter readings, moving out date and a forwarding address as close to your moving date as possible. You can do this using our home movers form. This will help us make sure your final bill is accurate and if we owe you any money. If we do, we’ll automatically refund it to you. Your final bill will have all the details. If you can’t give us this information, pleas