Our tariffs – something for everyone

We believe in having a range of gas and electricity tariffs for our customers. These include:

  • Short term fixed: These are often our cheapest tariffs. It’s easier to budget and plan effectively with fixed prices. 
  • Long term fixed: Peace of mind with fixed prices for longer. 
  • Variable: Your energy prices can go up or down. If this happens we’ll notify you in plenty of time so you can decide whether to move to a different tariff or not. With no end date, you'll never have to renew your contract​
  • Prepayment meter tariffs: Fixed and variable options. 
  • Low-carbon: Our Blue tariffs use electricity 100% backed by low-carbon generation
  • Feed-in tariff: Generate electricity from a renewable or low-carbon source and you may be eligible for a government incentive which will support you or reward you for the energy you generate. Find out more

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We regularly review and update our tariffs. Each tariff will have its own features and benefits, so you can find one that suits your home.

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How to switch

We know it’s not every day that you change your energy supplier. So we’ve done everything we can to make the process as stress-free as possible. Find out more

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If you got a quote within the last 14 days, you can retrieve it here. We'll use the data you gave us to show an up-to-date quote. Update your quote

Electricity Market Reform

We're working with the government to deliver a more sustainable future. Find out more and how this will affect you and your bill.

What is dual fuel?

One bill, one supplier, dual fuel

Dual fuel is when you have both gas and electricity with the same supplier. It's easy to manage as you only have one energy account and receive one bill. Plus it's often cheaper.

Dual fuel benefits

Choosing dual fuel with EDF Energy gives you the benefits of

  • All of your energy with one supplier
  • One payment coming from your account
  • One point of contact should you have any queries or questions

Tariff terms

Find out the terms and conditions for your tariff, using our tariff information area to download a PDF.

Tariff information

See how EDF Energy rates compare by using our tariff information tool. Once you’re done comparing gas and electricity energy rates you can get a quote or sign up for one of our tariffs.

Energy efficiency heating

Existing customer?

Is your tariff coming to an end? Are you on the best deal for you? View your tariff options through MyAccount. It only takes a few minutes should you want to switch and then you can relax knowing you have everything sorted.

Are you on the right tariff?

Our customers can try our energy health check to see if you can save money. For many customers it’s cheaper to have their gas and electricity supplied by one company, be on a fixed tariff and pay by Direct Debit. We’ll help you understand your options. 

What happens when my fixed tariff ends?

We’ll let you know between 42 and 49 days before your tariff end date and give you your options. You’ll be able to change supplier or choose a new tariff from our other available tariffs at that time. If you haven’t either chosen a new tariff with us or notified us that you will be leaving, then you’ll automatically be transferred to our cheapest evergreen tariff available. 

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