Top ways to save on energy bills this winter

Get ready for winter.

There are lots of ways to save on energy bills without having to compromise on comfort. Read our top tips on how you could save on energy bills at home today.

1 Down a degree. Just turning your thermostat down by one degree can save you up to £80 per year. For more information on how to save on energy and cut your energy bills, visit

2 Time your heating. Check your timer switches to make sure your heating is running when you need it. If you can cut the time your heating is in use by one hour a day, you’ll be amazed at the difference this can make to your bill.

3 Heat certain rooms at certain times. You can make considerable savings by heating only the room or rooms you are using. Take care not to risk the health of sick or elderly family members by reducing the overall temperature too much.

4 Switch off standby. Turn that little red light off!  Appliances left on standby are still consuming electricity. Switching them off costs nothing and can save you more than you’d think.

5 Turn lights off when you leave a room. Another small change of behaviour that can lead to considerable savings.

6 Automatically adjust your home's heating. The HeatSmart® smart thermostat can help you save on your winter fuel bills. The easy to use system gives you complete control of your home’s heating via the Netatmo app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Ongoing analysis lets you keep track of your previous usage patterns and set up a heating schedule that suits you.

Smart features include an Auto Adapt function that automatically adjusts your schedule when the weather gets colder. Frost Guard protects your heating system from freezing in the winter and has a learning function that will track your behaviour and set heating patterns automatically.

7 Take control. With a smart meter, you can take control of your household energy use with a clear, real-time view of the energy you’re using and exactly what it’s costing. Forget about estimated bills. With a smart meter, you’ll only ever pay for the energy you use. Meter readings are constant and automatic – so the inconvenience of a meter reader knocking at your door is a thing of the past too.

8 Warm home discount. This government-led scheme gives eligible customers a one-off £140 rebate towards their energy costs. If you get Pension Credit, you automatically qualify for the Warm Home Discount rebate. If you don’t automatically qualify, you can still apply. You can see the full Warm Home Discount eligibility criteria on our Warm Home Discount page.

9 Get insulated.

To make sure your home isn't losing heat needlessly, find out more about our insulation products.

For more on how you can save on energy bills and lower your energy use, check out more tips from us on our energy saving page.