Smart home myths dispelled

Smart tech is getting more and more popular and there's a huge variety of products on offer. However, there's also plenty of questionable information out there about smart homes. We're challenging those misconceptions and making sure you know the facts.


Myth 1: Smart devices are too expensive for me

Not true! There are lots of affordable smart tech options.

The ultimate helping hand in saving energy with smart tech has got to be smart meters. And it's free to upgrade! With a smart meter you can closely monitor your energy usage and you’ll get an accurate bill. Read more about getting a smart meter in our helpful smart meter pages.

As well as free smart meters, there's lots of smart tech out there that doesn't cost a lot. Smart plugs for example are arlound £25 and turn any appliance into a smart appliance, making it controllable by your smart phone – cheap and smart.

Did you know that you can even get an energy tariff that comes with smart tech? With our Energy+Heating Control tariff you get an Amazon Echo Dot and a HeatSmart® as well as a great priced tariff. Enjoy the power of voice-controlled technology when you switch tariffs.


Myth 2: All smart tech is the same

Amazon Echo

Not true! From smart lighting, to smart security cameras, to smart home staple the Amazon Echo (or Amazon Echo Dot) – smart devices are varied and can help you around the house in many different ways.

These are our favourites for a variety of help around the home:


Smart assistant: Amazon Echo

This voice-controlled device is designed entirely around voice – it's always ready, hands-free and fast. You can connect it to all your other smart tech.


Smart lighting: Philips Hue smart lights

The smart lights range from Philips Hue mean easy control for all your home's lighting. Get connected with the Starter Kit.


Smart power: TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart plug

This clever and affordable plug makes any appliance a smart appliance you can control with your phone or Amazon Echo. Want your kettle to boil at 7am every day? Sorted with this piece of tech.


Smart heating: Netamo Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a device that controls your heating and can be controlled by your phone or computer – so you can alter your heating from wherever you are. They can help show you how much energy you're using and also learn your routine.

EDF Energy's Smart Home Store is the place to check these products out.


Myth 3: You have to be a tech whizz to operate a smarter home

If you can use a smartphone, then you can operate smart home devices. Smart tech is designed to be simple and intuitive – anyone can use most products out there. In most cases, you can get one central system or 'smart assistant' like an Amazon Echo which controls all your devices. So it's a great way to simplify and streamline all the tech in your home.


Myth 4: Smart homes can take over

Smart home myths

It’s easy to get carried away with what smart homes are capable of after watching sci-fi movies! But the reality – of course – is very different.

You're in control at all times of your smart home – in fact it gives you greater command over your whole house. You can control the temperature (from wherever you are) with a smart thermostat, how much energy you are using with a smart meter and turn music on with just your voice using an Amazon Echo.


Ready to take your first step towards getting a smarter home?

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