Creative ways to use smart lighting

Like the idea of smart lighting but not sure what you can do with them... other than turn them on? Well, we've got some illuminating ideas for you! From creating the perfect ambience to timing your lights with music – here are all the creative things you can do.


Match your mood

With an amazing 16 million colour settings, you can use your Philips Hue smart lights to create the right ambience in a room or choose a colour to suit your mood. Feeling stressed? Pick a warm shade of blue to relax to. Or perhaps you need an energy boost? Pick a bright colour to liven you up.


Fade with your phone

You can now dim your lights by barely moving a muscle. By using the app on your phone, you can have complete control over your lights. About to start a movie? No need to get up – just pick up your phone. Simple.


Feature lighting

From cove lighting to brightening up a hallway, or adding extra light to your kitchen cabinets – LED strip lighting can create pockets of light in darker places in your home. Highlight a fireplace or painting, or light up shelves on your bookcases.


A colour for every room

Illuminate different rooms in your home with the right light or create different moods as you transition from day to evening, or from kitchen, to living room and finally your bedroom.


Illuminating reminders

Are you ever distracted and miss reminders? No more! You can control your smart lights with an Amazon Alexa – so when you have to pick up the children or make an appointment, your lights will signal to remind you.


Lights, music, action

Sync your smart lights to music or a film for the ultimate immersive experience. You just need to download the right apps and see how your lighting reacts to the rhythm.


A bright welcome home

Hate getting back to darkness? Automate your lights to turn on when you arrive home for a warm welcome.


Changing with the day

A loud alarm going off on a dark morning can be a pretty jolting way to start your morning. So why not set your lights to come on gradually before you wake? Ease yourself into the morning.

Now you're full of bright ideas of what to do with smart lighting, why not try it out for yourself? Get Philips Hue smart bulbs from the EDF Energy Smart Home Store today.