What are the benefits of dual fuel?

Being a dual fuel customer means you get both your gas and electricity from one supplier. You’ll find choosing a dual fuel tariff is more convenient than choosing separate suppliers – and it could save you money, too.

Read on to learn about EDF Energy’s dual fuel options, how they could help you manage your utility bills and how they could save you money on your energy.

Save time and effort

Choosing dual fuel with EDF Energy gives you the benefits of

  • All of your enrgy with one supplier
  • One payment coming from your account
  • One point of contact should you have any queries or questions,  either on the phone or using our live chat service   

and the benefit of managing both fuels though MyAccount

It could save you money

You’ll find great value by choosing the right dual fuel option for you. Just use this page to have a look at EDF Energy dual fuel tariffs, or get a quote below.


Is it easy to switch to dual fuel?

Switching's as simple as 1, 2 ,3

Just tell us a few details (if you have a bill to hand it will make the calculations more accurate) 

Not sure dual fuel is for you?

Not sure dual fuel is right for you? Everyone’s needs are different, so other options might be a better fit. We can supply you with just gas or electricity on our Blue+Price Promise, Blue+Price Freeeeze or BIue+Fixed Prepay