What is dual fuel?

One bill, one supplier, dual fuel. 

Dual fuel is when you have both gas and electricity with the same supplier. It's easy to manage as you only have one energy account and receive one bill. Plus it's often cheaper.


Dual fuel benefits

Choosing dual fuel with EDF Energy gives you the benefits of

  • All of your energy with one supplier
  • One payment coming from your account
  • One point of contact should you have any queries or questions

Energy tariffs explained

Standard (Variable) tariffs

With these your energy prices can go up or down and they tend to be more expensive. But with no end date you'll never have to renew your contract. 

Fixed energy tariffs

Fixed tariff come with prices that stay the same for the duration of the tariff, so you're protected from price rises.

Online energy tariffs

Online tariffs are managed exclusively online so customers wouldn't be expected to call our call centres. Prices tend to be cheaper.

Prepayment tariffs

A prepayment meter is a good way to stay op top of your energy as you're guaranteed to only pay for what you use. Some prepayment tariffs come with fixed prices which makes it easy to plan and budget.

How to switch to EDF Energy?

It's so simple to become and EDF Energy customer:

  • Get a personalised quote to see if you could save and have a recent energy bill to hand if possible.
  • We’ll let your current supplier know you’ve switched to us
  • We’ll be in touch for an up-to-date meter reading.

Already an existing EDF Energy customer? 

It's always a good idea to check other tariffs regularly to see if you could save money by moving to a new deal. We offer a variety of tariffs to suit your needs. Login to MyAccount to see our full range. If you're not registered for MyAccount it only take a few minutes. Register now.