What's this scheme about?

There’s a government scheme called ‘ECO’ (Energy Companies Obligation) that’s been set up to help keep homes warmer and energy bills lower by preventing heat loss.

As part of this scheme, we're installing FREE cavity wall and loft insulation in homes in selected government chosen postcodes. The great news is that your home is in one of those postcodes. 

Is your home suitable?

Cavity wall insulation is available if;

  1. Your home doesn’t already have any
  2. Your home was built before 1983
  3. Your cavities do not require any remedial work or scaffolding

Loft insulation is available if;

  1. Any existing loft insulation is less than 100mm thick
  2. Your loft is accessible
  3. Your home doesn’t have any infestations or water damage

Three simple steps to a warmer home

  • Confirm your home is suitable: we’ll ask you a few questions. If you’re a tenant we’ll require permission from your landlord while if you’re a landlord you’ll need the tenant’s approval before any work can be done


  • Get your home assessed: we’ll arrange for an accredited assessor to carry out an assessment of your home. They’ll recommend which improvements are suitable and depending on which you choose you may also need a technical survey


  • Arrange installation: at a date and time that’s good for you. An installer will then carry out the improvements to the highest standard and with as little disruption as possible. You’ll need to agree a contract directly with them to have the improvements installed


Rather talk to us?

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