Why should I install a heat pump?

  • Reduction in the cost to heat your home
  • No longer need to rely on fuel deliveries (Oil, solid fuel and LPG)
  • Supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

How does it work?

Heat pumps are a low-carbon, convenient alternative to a traditional oil boiler or solid fuel heating system.

Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air or the ground around your home - just like a fridge removes heat from inside itself. This heat is concentrated to a higher temperature by the heat pump and then delivered to your heating system - including your hot water tank, radiators or under-floor heating.

Heat pumps are available in a range of heating capacities, to suit the needs of your home. They do use some electricity to produce the heat and as a result your electricity bill may increase. The benefit will be seen as you reduce the cost of your main heating fuel.


Is my home suitable?

Yes, if:

  • You own your own home, or you have the landlord's permission
  • Your home is well insulated (to claim the government's payments you must reach a certain level of insulation)
  • You have some outdoor space
  • You heat your home using oil, solid fuel, LPG or electrically heated (some gas customers will also be suitable)

Government incentives supporting air source heat pumps

The new goverment scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The scheme will pay owners of air source heat pump systems for every unit of renewable heat produced for up to seven years.

Ofgem have produced various publications to explain the scheme, they have a factsheet and an essential guide for applicants which provide the details of the scheme and how to apply.

DECC has produced the following online calculator to estimate the amount of RHI you could receive.

Please note this is a government scheme and EDF Energy has no responsibility for any payments made or withheld. 

Air source heat pump outdoor unit

Air source heat pump - case studies

We have been running field trials of air source heat pumps since 2010. As part of our testing of various air source heat pumps we have installed in a variety of different situations, locations, size of houses and varying ages of properties.