Why should I insulate my home?

Need a reason to insulate your home? We've got seven! There are several ways to insulate your home – so we'll run through the benefits and then outline the most common household insulation techniques. So get ready to discover why insulation is the key to a happy, healthy and cost-effective house.


Save energy

The first fantastic benefit of insulation? You will save energy! As your home is kept warmer in winter, you will use far less energy trying to keep it cosy.


Lower your bills

Naturally, if you are using less energy, you will also be spending less money on your bill. Many homes needlessly lose heat – with proper insulation you'll see savings almost immediately.


Be environmentally-friendly

Don't feel blue about your green efforts. Did you know that insulating your home is an eco-friendly act? By using less energy, you are reducing your carbon footprint. A win for your home, and a win for the planet. Need some energy efficiency tips? We've got plenty!


Improve your energy efficiency rating

Your EPC rating (Energy Performance Certificate) shows how much your house costs to heat and light and how you can make it more energy-efficient. Insulation makes a huge difference to your EPC rating.

Moving house? Whether you're buying, selling or both – a good EPC rating adds value to the property. So you'll either add value to the home you're selling or you'll be purchasing an energy-efficient home that will cost you less to run!


Keep healthy

Keep your home cosier, keep mould away and stay healthy!


Thinking long-term

If you're thinking long-term – insulation is a huge positive for when you sell. Making sure your home is fully insulated can improve your EPC rating, and therefore makes your home more attractive to buyers.


The ECO scheme

Want free cavity wall insulation? This government scheme means eligible homes can get free cavity wall insulation. Sounds great, right? Well then, why not see if you're eligible today? 


Insulation types

Cavity wall insulation is quick and easy to install in eligible homes. It fills the gaps in your walls and keeps your house warm for less.

Solid wall insulation keeps older homes warmer for longer. This can transform the look of your property and stop heat loss – it's like wrapping a huge blanket around your home.

Loft insulation is easy to install and stops heat from escaping through your roof.