Energy saving in summer

During the warmer summer months, we naturally use less electricity – we keep the heating off, showers cool and don't need the lights on for as long. However, there are still ways you can reduce your electricity bill and save even more in summer.


Cool your home down - without using energy

In Britain, most of us don't have air conditioning in our homes. Given the record heatwave of 2022, we're all desperately trying to cool our homes down.

Air conditioning is a drain on your energy and can cause your bill to shoot up. But similarly, be wary of leaving fans on throughout the day or night as they use a surprising amount of energy. Instead, there are a few ways you can cool down that won't cost you anything:

  • Open windows throughout your home and get a draught going
  • Close curtains and blinds when the sun is out to stop rooms from heating up
  • Don't unintentionally heat up your home – avoid using the oven (try raw salads that need no heat to prepare or use the microwave) and turn off lights when they're not in use


You can also save energy by:

  • Unplugging electronics
  • Keeping the fridge closed – in warm temperatures your fridge can heat quickly and it takes energy for it to cool back down
  • Doing laundry in cold water and then hanging it up outside on a washing line


In the long run, you could think about buying energy-efficient appliances. If you want to make smart energy choices for your kitchen and bathroom – discover how to use less energy and choose the best appliances with our guide to energy-efficient appliances.

Want more tips on saving energy? Get advice on energy efficiency for your whole house.


Summer is the time to start planning

When the temperatures soar and we're enjoying days on the beach or in the garden, winter feels a million miles away. Nothing could be further from our minds than the heating, our boiler and how ready our homes are for winter. However, summer is the best time to start thinking about these things – before the sudden rush when Christmas rolls around and everyone is trying to sort out their boiler, insulation and heating.

If you need a new boilerrepair a broken boiler, insulate your home or find ways to heat your home in the most energy-efficient way, start your research now.

There are many ways we can help you from boiler cover, to the ECO scheme and smart meters so you can keep an eagle eye on your energy use.


Power your home with sunshine

Go green by powering your home with solar energy! If you don't have solar panels but are interested in installing them then read our quick guide to solar panels for your home.

If solar panels are too much to consider right now, you can buy all kinds of smaller devices which are powered using solar batteries like solar-powered garden lights, speakers or even battery packs for your phone. We have a guide to handy solar-powered gadgets.


Thinking about switching tariffs during the summer?

Here's what you need to know:

Switching to a new tariff can help you save on your energy bill. Check out our low-carbon tariffs and see if you could save.