The power station at a glance

Our proposals for Sizewell C will see the creation of a 3.2-gigawatt power station to provide reliable low-carbon electricity which doesn’t rely on the weather.

The EPR reactor design has been approved by the UK’s nuclear regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). This means it satisfies Britain’s high and robust standards for nuclear safety.

Once built, Sizewell C will generate low-carbon electricity for at least 60 years and will employ 900 people, in addition to the thousands of jobs needed for maintenance outages.

Sizewell C will be built next to Sizewell B which began operating in 1995 and has so far avoided more than 76 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Nuclear power from Sizewell C will deliver low-carbon electricity which doesn't depend on the weather and will work alongside renewables to reduce the UK's carbon emissions

Our commitments to Britain

 Our commitments to Britain highlight what the construction of Sizewell C in Suffolk will deliver for the country

Facts and figures

Want to find out how many jobs Sizewell C will provide? Or how much carbon the project will save? Learn about some key project facts and figures including the economic and environmental benefits, jobs, skills, and apprenticeships.

Supply chain

What's it like supplying a nuclear project like Sizewell C? how many companies across the country will benefit from the projects? Answers to these questions and more can be found on our supply chain page

Jobs and skills

As part of our plans, we’ve included proposals for jobs and skills creation across the UK. In total, over 70,000 jobs across the UK will be supported by the project.

Support for the project

There is strong support across the UK and locally for Sizewell C and the benefits it will provide including low-carbon energy, jobs and skills.

Our planning application

Everything you need to know about our planning application and consultations with the local community.


A net increase in land for wildlife will be created to mitigate for the land used during construction, with no land owned by RSPB Minsmere to be built on.

Britain needs Sizewell C to help replace coal, gas and nuclear power stations that are closing down so we do not have to rely on foreign imports or burn more fossil fuels and make the climate emergency worse.

Funding Sizewell C

The Regulated Asset Base model is being considered as a way to fund Sizewell C. Other large UK infrastructure projects have also used this funding model. 


Click below for answers to our frequently asked questions and to learn some myth-busting facts.

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