Support for nuclear & Sizewell C

A recent opinion poll by YouGov indicates that around two-thirds of the public (65%) believe nuclear energy should play a role in the country's climate change strategy.

Government policy is to bring at least one new large-scale nuclear project to a Financial Investment Decision in this Parliament.

The 2020 Energy White Paper says nuclear is an important source of reliable clean electricity "..which provides large volumes of power from very little land area and can reduce system costs..."

There is also good support for Sizewell C in the local community. Polling by ICM shows that 58% of local people want the power station to go ahead - that's more than double the proportion (27%) who are opposed.

72% of respondents agreed that Sizewell C would be good for jobs and training in the region.

Why do so many organisations across Suffolk support Sizewell C?

The thoughts and suggestions of all our stakeholders are incredibly important to us. Their views inform our thinking, shape our plans and push us to make Sizewell C the very best asset it can be, not just for the local community but for the nation.

In this video, we hear from stakeholders at our East Suffolk Conference talking about why it's so important that Sizewell C is built.


Business support and the Sizewell C Consortium

As part of our plans, over 70% of the £14bn construction value of the project will be spent through UK-based companies.

As a result, hundreds of businesses from across the UK have signed up to the Sizewell C Consortium to support the project and the opportunities it will create.

Become a Friend of Sizewell C

Our Friends of Sizewell C are a community of supporters based in East Anglia, who are the first to know about the latest Sizewell C developments in the area. You can also get the latest local news from Sizewell C by signing up to our Friends of Sizewell C bulletin.

What politicians, unions and the media are saying about Sizewell C and nuclear power

National support

In addition to the support of businesses and local people, we know there are many other supporters of the project across the UK. Reasons people are supporting Sizewell C across the UK include:

  • Sizewell C's potential to supply reliable, low-carbon power to over 6 million homes. This will provide valuable support to the country's growing wind and solar energy infrastructure.
  • The £14bn investment in construction it will provide that will create jobs and economic benefits for the UK. UK-based companies are set to receive 70% of the project's construction value. 
  • The project will create 70,000 jobs up and down the country.

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