Your questions on Sizewell C local employment opportunities answered

Over the last few weeks, we have had a lot of questions from the local community sent to us around the development of Sizewell C, covering a wide range of subjects including biodiversity and construction plans. Our Development Director Julia Pyke answered your questions in our latest Q&A video (see it at the bottom of this page) but unfortunately couldn’t answer them all on camera!

One of the key themes that came from a lot of your questions was the subject of jobs and the employment opportunities that Sizewell C could potentially offer. We’ve tried to answer more of your questions below.


When will the building of Sizewell C start? And is there going to be a local office for jobs in the area?
- Michael from Halesworth

Hi Michael. We hope the project in Sizewell will start during next year. We need planning consent and a few more government approvals before then, if that happens then construction can get underway. We also recently launched our employment prospectus which sets out what qualifications people need, how people can get those qualifications and where the jobs will be.

We intend to open an office in or around the Leiston area and have offices on site. And as you probably know, we already have a small office on the high street in Leiston itself and you’re more than welcome to pop in once the pandemic restrictions are over.


Would there be any nursing jobs and any apprenticeship opportunities for my daughter?
- Charlotte from Lowestoft

Thank you for your question Charlotte! Absolutely we will need nurses on the site, especially occupational health nurses. There are nurses currently working at Sizewell B, and we have a medical team at Hinkley Point C. So yes, we want nurses working at Sizewell C!

Sizewell C is going to offer 1,500 apprenticeships and we are committed to keeping a lot of them local. Your daughter should explore and register for our Young Sizewell C programme, which can offer her details on the skills and qualifications that would prove useful, how she can get them and more information on apprenticeship opportunities. Hopefully, we will see both you and your daughter on the project!


Will there be jobs on the new site and where can I find out more?
- Ian from Lowestoft

Great to hear from a neighbour in Lowestoft – thanks for your question Ian. There will be lots of new roles available requiring a wide variety of skills sets, especially during the civil phase of construction. These include traditional construction roles and office management, but also all sorts of support roles such as driving and catering. You can find out more about these roles on our job service website


After 40 years of working in the aircraft industry, would there be any jobs for people like me with my skills set and for my age
- Gary from Halesworth

Hi Gary. In terms of the age profile of our workforce, we want to have a diverse workforce and welcome people of any age who are keen to work on the project. 

We can all really use great experience in British industry in taking forward this great project. There will be obviously a lot of technical roles and a lot of value for experience. Once the current social restrictions are lifted, do pop into the office on the high street in Leiston and have a chat directly with our team or register your interest via our job service website
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