Bright future for Lifting Apprentice

Hinkley Point C is making incredible progress on-site in terms of construction, but we are also working hard to make sure the project benefits local people. The benefits range from increasing local employment, to the development of a sustainable regional supply chain and the advancement of new training facilities and qualifications. The same impact could be seen at Sizewell C...

The construction of Sizewell C would create approximately 25,000 roles on the main development site during the construction phase. We are aiming to meet the nuclear sector target of a 40% female workforce and a minimum target of 1,000 apprentices. There will also be a need for a significant workforce in non-construction roles, both directly and in the supply chain.

If you would like to support our proposals for Sizewell C, you can find out more and take part in the current stage of consultation here.

Following the unveiling of the world’s biggest crane at Hinkley Point C last week, we caught up with Bethany, a Lifting Technician Apprentice, to hear what it’s like to operate tower cranes.

The new Sarens SGC-250 crane was shown off on-site at Hinkley Point C where it will be used to lift large prefabricated sections of the power station into place. The crane was developed to support the growing trend towards modularisation in big construction – and its deployment allows Hinkley Point C to exploit this innovation on a large scale.

The crane’s huge size and capacity allows large components to be built in covered factory conditions on site, improving quality and saving time. The success of prefabrication has already been proved during construction of the two operational EPRs built by EDF and CGN at Taishan in China. Its use at Hinkley Point C is another example of the innovation made possible by experience gained and applied from other nuclear construction projects.

Innovations such as the increased use of prefabrication and the transfer of design, skills and experience from Hinkley Point C will provide a direct benefit to the proposed near-identical project at Sizewell C, making it cheaper to build and finance.