What equality, diversity and inclusion means to Sizewell C

We want Sizewell C to have a workforce that reflects the society we are part of and serve. It's an important part of our commitment to 'do the power of good' for Britain.  

At Sizewell C, we're doing this by creating an environment where our workforce understands, respects and embraces diversity, where everyone is treated with equal respect and given access to opportunities.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Charter provides the principles to ensure that we all feel valued, encouraged and supported and that Sizewell C is, and remains, an inclusive place to work.

Why equality, diversity and inclusion matters to Sizewell C

The Sizewell C project is growing and the diversity of our workforce will play a pivotal role in our success.

By valuing the different points of view and experiences that a diverse team brings and by fostering an inclusive climate, we will create not only a great place to work but also a more successful project.

Our Networks

The Sizewell C team are passionate about diversity and inclusion and have set up five networks to drive discussion and education around creating a more equal workplace. They are completely inclusive – anyone working on the project can become a member.

Gender Balance

The Gender Balance Network promotes gender balance in the industry and supports the Nuclear Sector Deal target of 40% women in nuclear by 2030 by:

  • Celebrating gender balance by holding events and identifying barriers to recruitment, retention and progression.
  • Providing tools and support for career development to meet our ambition of having women in 40% of senior roles by 2030.
  • Encouraging gender balance in recruitment. 
  • Collaborating with other Sizewell C D&I Networks and Women’s networks in the industry.

Pride (LGBTQ+)

The Pride Network recognises that many LGBTQ+ employees in Britain fear discrimination and don’t feel confident about bringing their whole selves to work. We aim to provide a safe and supportive workplace free from discrimination by:

  • Embedding an inclusive culture through leadership, policy, education, mental health services, events and allied support.
  • Being accountable for our policies and processes.
  • Raising awareness, promoting a better understanding of LGBTQ+ inclusion and improving the workplace culture.
  • Providing peer-to-peer support – a safe and confidential space for LGBTQ+ employees to support each other and express any concerns they may have.
  • Collaborating with other organisations and the wider EDF LGBTQ+ network.

Disabilities, Carers and Parents

The Disabilities, Carers & Parents network is here to give parents, carers and people with disabilities a forum to be heard. It aims to strengthen the collective voice of its members by:

  • Connecting people with families and/or caring duties and/or disabilities.
  • Seeking to ensure that recruitment processes are attractive to and do not exclude those with disabilities or caring/parenting responsibilities.
  • Working with the company to examine policies and suggest any changes.
  • Contributing advice on accessibility at the construction site. 
  • Getting as many people involved as possible, whether allies or people dealing with the issues themselves.

United for Race Equality

The United for Race Equality Network aims to promote race equality in the project and across our industry. It works to celebrate our different racial backgrounds and establish a culture where everyone on the project is treated equally by:

  • Attracting and recruiting BAME colleagues to ensure representation at all levels throughout the SZC Project including the Supply Chain partners.
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment for ALL Colleagues, which leads to the retention and engagement of BAME colleagues.
  • Tracking and encouraging the development and progression of BAME colleagues within the SZC Project.
  • Engaging all colleagues by holding regular networking events which celebrate race equality and by collaborating with other D&I networks.  

Mental Health Support Group

The Mental Health Support Group aims to create a workplace environment that promotes the mental wellbeing of everyone on the project by:

  • Good two-way communication to ensure employee involvement.
  • Regular mental health support meetings to shape our strategy. 
  • Assigning trained Mental Health First Aiders as a point of contact for those in need of support.

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