Kickstarting clean economies

Reliable baseload nuclear power from Sizewell C will help build a resilient net zero energy system and lower costs for households and businesses.

As a generator of low-carbon electricty and heat, Sizewell C can help kickstart other technologies such as hydrogen production and direct air capture which could accelerate the UK's journey to net zero.

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Hydrogen and Sizewell C

Nuclear is a great way of producing low-carbon hydrogen as it generates huge amounts of low-carbon electricity.

Nuclear also produces a lot of clean heat, some of which can be diverted into powering hydrogen production using an electrolyser. Using heat has been shown to make electrolysis more efficient.

We plan to reduce carbon emissions in construction by using clean transport and machinery fuelled with hydrogen.

Direct Air Capture and Sizewell C

Sizewell C is also part of a consortium which has been awarded government funding to carry out a design study on powering Direct Air Capture using heat.

In the long-run, DAC technology linked to the power station could allow Sizewell C to become carbon negative. 

Sizewell C and carbon emissions

Sizewell C

Offshore wind



Figures above denote the median estimates for the gram amount of CO2 eq/kWh produced by each generation method 

Environmental specialists Ricardo Energy & Environment conducted an independent lifecycle carbon assessment into the emissions Sizewell C could generate once operational.

The study concluded that CO2 emissions from generating electricty at Sizewell C are likely to be around 5.5g CO2 eq/kWH. That's:

  • Less than half the carbon emissions of wind 
  • Almost 9 times lower than solar power
  • Almost 90 times lower than gas emissions

Nuclear, solar and wind will all be essential for helping Britain achieve net zero. 

Can you create the winning energy mix?

Find out about what it takes to create a clean, affordable energy mix that keeps the lights on with our Energy Mixer net zero challenge.

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