Sizewell C will boost local biodiversity

We will look after the local environment before, during and after the construction of Sizewell C.

Wildlife has thrived for decades around the existing Sizewell B station and before that at Sizewell A. We will build on a great track record and continue to protect this precious area of the Suffolk coastline. 

The measures we are taking to look after nature include:

  • Designating 250 hectares of land for wildlife 
  • Increasing biodiversity around the power station by 19%
  • Setting up an Environment Trust to manage the Sizewell estate and promote rewilding

We are not building on any land owned by RSPB Minsmere. Where a small part of our boundary meets RSPB land, we are creating a new area of wetland to allow wildlife to thrive. 

Once Sizewell C is constructed, the nuclear licensed site will amount to 69 hectares - that's less than 0.2% of the total area of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB. 

Sizewell C Energy Hub

Sizewell C will provide low-carbon electricity for 6 million homes.

It will also pave the way for other low-carbon technologies, including hydrogen production and Direct Air Capture (DAC).

These technologies are important to the UK achieving net zero.

Nuclear uses less land

Nuclear uses a fraction of the land required by some other low-carbon technologies.

The operational site at Sizewell C will take up 33 hectares of land.

To produce the same amount of electricity using onshore wind would require 90,000 hectares of land.

A solar farm producing equivalent power would need 30,000 hectares.

Promoting biodiversity

The measures we are taking to protect and enhance nature will lead to a 19% net gain in biodiversity

We have created a 67 hectare nature reserve called Wild Aldhurst to compensate for some of the land we are using to build the power station. It is already providing new habitat for water voles, otters, eels, amphibians, reptiles and birds, as well as rare plants.

Wild Aldhurst includes areas open to the public.

Read our environment brochure to learn more

Sizewell C talks archaeology and biodiversity on Gen X Radio Suffolk

Sizewell C's Community Environment Manager, Rebecca Calder, and Rhiannon Gardiner from Cotswold Archaeology caught up with Gen X Radio on the ancient finds being discovered during the creation of the marsh harrier wetland habitat on the Sizewell C estate.

Click on the image to listen to their interview on the ongoing excavation, the fascinating discoveries and how Sizewell C is supporting biodiversity.

Learn more about the new wetland habitat and the ongoing archaeological work in this press release.

Storing spent fuel safely

Sizewell B uses a fuel storage pond and a dry fuel store to manage its spent fuel.

Every 18 months Sizewell B is switched off for refuelling and maintenance when a third of the fuel is replaced.

The dry fuel store will safely house spent fuel from Sizewell B until a Geological Disposal Facility is available for longer-term storage.

Nuclear looks after wildlife

Nuclear and nature can exist happily side by side. The diverse landscape at Dungeness B is home to many unique plants, animals and birds.

Our sister power station, Hinkley Point C helps to manage Steart Marshes, close to the construction site. In recent years it has seen a big increase in bird populations. 

Sizewell and fish

We will use a fish return system, just as we do at Sizewell B, to avoid the impact on fish as much as possible. We will also use a state-of-the art cooling water intake head, specifically engineered to minimise the number of fish captured in the first place.

Sizewell and the sea

The design of the power station, including its sea defence and the raised platform it will be built on, will protect Sizewell C from flooding. Our plans take account of the effect of climate change and the predicted rise in sea levels over the coming decades.

Sizewell C's plan for water

We have a sustainable plan to deliver our water needs. This plan will not affect public water supplies but will protect the environment and help to build a more resilient water supply for the East of England. Read our water brochure to find out more.

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