Growing the local economy

Sizewell C is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for East Suffolk and will create thousands of well-paid local jobs and opportunities for businesses across the region. The project will bring:

  • Around 2,600 local jobs during peak construction
  • £125 million per year into the local economy
  • £40 million per year during the 60 years of operation 

The Sizewell C Consortium has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with politicians, business groups and educational institutions in the East of England committing to spend £4.4bn in the region. 

Our sister project, Hinkley Point C in Somerset, is already demonstrating the sort of economic benefits that are possible with £4.1 billion spent in the South-West so far - that's more than double the original target. 

In addition to the direct economic benefits, Sizewell C has agreed to a package of local funding worth over £250 million.


Neighbourhood fund

The Sizewell C Neighbourhood Fund has been established to strengthen links with local communities.

A fund of £10,000 is available for projects which deliver a direct benefit to people living within 10 miles of the proposed development sites. Sizewell B also has a long-standing annual community fund of £10,000.  

The Sizewell C Neighbourhood Fund is open all year for applications. These are reviewed and notified quarterly throughout the year. 

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Growing the local economy

Sizewell C is a unique opportunity for local communities and businesses. Watch this video to find out why people working and living near the site are excited about the opportunities it will bring.  

Benefits for Suffolk and beyond


Sizewell C will boost employment and training opportunities for local people.


Sizewell C is putting measures in place to increase local biodiversity. 


Sizewell C will provide home-grown, dependable baseload electricity for 6 million homes. 


Sizewell C is strengthening the local and regional supply chain to ensure the East of England benefits as much as possible. 


1. Minimise disruption to local communities during the construction of Sizewell C.


2. Invest in local employment, education and skills. This includes an aim to create 1,500 apprenticeships.


3. Support the growth of the local economy. This includes measures to support local firms to gain work on the project.


4. Subject to consultation, transport the majority of construction materials by rail and sea, reducing the number of Sizewell C HGVs on local roads.


5. Respect the Suffolk heritage coast and minimise impact on RSPB Minsmere, National Trust Dunwich Heath and Leiston Abbey.


6. Return the temporary construction area to a standard befitting the AONB following construction.

7. Remove the accommodation campus and caravan site, the park and ride sites, the rail extension off the Saxmundham to Leiston branch line and the freight management facility following construction and restore the land.


8. Support the Suffolk coast tourism sector through the provision of a Tourism Fund.


9. Provide a comprehensive 24/7 onsite occupational health service for workers, a healthcare contribution and a Public Services Contingency Fund.


10. Require all workers to sign a Worker Code of Conduct and enforce it – as we have done successfully at Hinkley Point C.


11. Enhance the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of local communities through the provision of a Community Fund.

The local benefits of Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, in Somerset, is already bringing big benefits to communities near the construction site in Somerset. The 2022 Socio-Economic report highlights:

  • 922 apprentices recruited
  • 15,000 job opportunities on the construction site
  • £4.1bn so far spent with companies across the South West

These figures show what we can achieve at Sizewell C. More than 200 companies in the East of England are working with Hinkley Point C and have won contracts worth over £1bn.  

In this video, residents living and working around Hinkley Point C talk about the benefits the project is bringing them.

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  • Visit: Sizewell C Information Office, 48-50 High Street, Leiston IP16 4EW (open for visits without appointment 9.30am – 5pm weekdays only, closed lunchtimes 12:30pm – 1.30pm)
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