We need nuclear power to fight climate change

Nuclear, alongside renewables, provides a huge amount of clean, reliable power throughout the year.

Sizewell C would provide thousands of British jobs

The project would create 25,000 job opportunities and hundreds of apprenticeships.

A British company funded by British investors

Sizewell C would aim to be majority owned by British investors and use a bespoke UK version of European technology.      

Home grown energy would reduce our imports of electricity and gas

Once operational, Sizewell C would provide low-carbon electricity for around 6 million British homes.

Huge economic benefits to Suffolk and the rest of Britain

The project would provide £125m per year to the region during construction and up to 70% of the construction value would go to British companies.

Sensitive to the rich, local environment on the Suffolk coast

Sizewell C would build on EDF’s great track record of environmental protection.

Nuclear is one of the safest ways to produce energy

Nuclear has a similar safety record to renewables and is much safer than coal, gas or oil.

The design is a replica of Hinkley Point C in Somerset

This means Sizewell C would be cheaper to build and finance. It would gain from efficiencies and innovation at Hinkley Point C.

Paving the way for further innovation in the nuclear industry

Sizewell C would help secure the future of the nuclear supply chain and could pave the way for other clean technologies like SMRs and hydrogen.

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