How we manage our workforce travel

Minimising the impact on our local community

Getting the Hinkley Point C workforce to and from site is a critical element of the project, not only to get our workforce safely to and from work, but also to minimise the impact on our local community.

Hinkley Point C have therefore implemented a Construction Workforce Travel Plan to manage how our workforce travel to and from the Hinkley Point C site using a free bus service, and to encourage sustainable travel for both work and non-work journeys.

The plan is monitored closely by the County Council-led Transport Review Group, who check that Hinkley Point C are complying with the plan. A summary is also presented quarterly to the Transport Forum, which is attended by local parish councils.

Statistics from earlier this year state that 96% of the workforce use the free bus service – this is currently exceeding our targets and is helping to reduce the number of workers driving to Hinkley Point C. 

During their initial induction, our workers are allocated a bus service they can use to travel to and from the Hinkley Point C site. Many workers are able to walk to a nearby bus stop; however, others may need to travel to a park-and-ride site.

The benefits of the Construction Workforce Travel Plan:

  1. Minimises traffic associated with the Hinkley Point C build, helping to reduce congestion
  2. Minimises the impact both for the local community and for visitors to the area using the road network
  3. Reduces private car journeys to help towards protecting the environment
  4. Encourages active travel for the workforce who are walking or cycling to board the bus

Workers' parking

The Parking Team continue to focus on preventing members of the workforce driving to park near a bus stop rather than using the park-and-ride facilities. This is undertaken by daily visits to potential fly-parking hot spots, and checking vehicles against the Hinkley Point C database to identify  workers’ vehicles. If a Hinkley Point C worker's vehicle is identified, there is a three-step process in place:

  1. An email is sent to the driver, warning them not to park in the location and informing them where to park
  2. If the vehicle is identified a second time, an email will be sent to the driver and their employer with a further warning, providing the employer with the opportunity to rectify the issue
  3. If the vehicle is identified a third time, an email is sent to the driver, the employer and the Site Director, who will take appropriate action.

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