Hinkley Point C Medical Facility

Offering great medical support to our workforce

Our on-site medical facility, Hinkley Health, has relocated to the North Office, enabling it to offer superb medical support to the Hinkley Point C workforce.

We took some time to catch up with Angela Young (below), a Health and Wellbeing Manager, at the medical centre.

What medical equipment does the North Office medical facility contain?

The centre contains all the equipment you would expect a small minor incidents unit to have, including full emergency response equipment, defibrillators, ECG machines, IV drips, emergency medicine and 11 emergency nurses on station 24/7, 365 days a year.

On top of this, we provide day-to-day services such as physiotherapy, occupational hygienists, GP services, drug and alcohol testing, access to private scans and mental health awareness programmes.

This all goes some way to ensuring that our patients, and the workforce in general, are all in peak physical and mental health.

Hinkley Campus, our on-site accommodation, opened its doors to HPC workers in June. The state-of-the-art 510-bed facility is the culmination of much hard work and collaboration from our supply chain contractors.

The facility managed by HOST, a newly established business consortium of local suppliers who have come together to service the campus accommodation, is in size comparable to Europe’s second-largest hotel establishment (when Sedgemoor Campus also comes online later this year).

Why have you provided a medical facility for your own workforce?

Our facilities here really benefit the local workforce, which in turn benefits the local community by easing any strain they might have otherwise caused on local services. By having such a facility next to the site, any worker can come to us instead of using other local GP and minor injuries units.

How many people can the facility treat?

Operating 24/7, all year round, means at times of high capacity there will only be a slight wait. We do also have appointments for routine check-ups but it is difficult to gauge how many people we have seen already. There are always at least two nurses on duty so we do get to see everyone at some point.

What’s the best part about working there?

It is the best facility I’ve worked at and that includes the Channel Tunnel, Heathrow Terminal 5, the Olympic Park and Crossrail. The wide variety of characters we get through the door is always fun. No two days are the same.

Hinkley Health team

The Hinkley Health team has grown rapidly from just two people to more than 20, including 12 nurses, a GP, physio and consultant.  To accommodate this expanded team, the entire Hinkley Health operation has moved to a new, bigger centre in the North Office, equipped with four treatment rooms.

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