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Watching their waste

By Hinkley Point C media team | Posted July 24, 2019

Watching their waste

Taunton-based firm Viridor provides waste management services to Hinkley Point C and the two accommodation campuses. Louise Skinner, Project Manager (pictured), explains how her team is making the project greener.

Q Tell us about your involvement with the project.

A We started on site in November last year, and have been busy setting up a number of different waste management activities since then. Any waste materials that can’t be reused will be recycled and, if that isn’t possible, they will be turned into energy.

Q How does it feel to be a part of this project?

A As local people, we’re really excited to be helping Hinkley Point C achieve its commitment to the environment. Having such a large number of people on site means that it’s key to educate individuals, particularly when it comes to waste segregation.

Q Are you working towards any specific goals?

A It won’t be long until we have an on-site waste consolidation centre, so that Hinkley Point C can be self-sufficient in consolidating and segregating waste on site, which will bring efficiencies and reduce traffic movements in the local area.

Q What sort of issues are you tackling?

A Contamination - food waste in the wrong bin can taint an entire load and make us have to choose less favourable routes to disposal. Hinkley Point C is already very good at trying to reduce single-use plastics, and people are primed to support this education drive. Because of this, we’ll see better quality recycling going forward, and as an environmental business, this is really important to us.


Industry: Waste management

Services: Energy, recycling, waste collections

Established: 1956

HQ: Taunton

Team members: Four (Louise Skinner, Project Manager; Robert Burtchaell, Operations Supervisor; Stephen Whiting, Administrator; and Robert Young, Driver)

A weighty difference

Since Viridor’s contract began in November, it has collected a total of 397.39 tonnes of waste, including (but not restricted to):

  • 10.34 tonnes plastic
  • 18.69 tonnes mixed metals
  • 22.74 tonnes wood
  • 69.62 tonnes food waste
  • 71.22 tonnes mixed packaging
  • 120.72 tonnes general waste

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