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We’re celebrating some of the people at Hinkley Point C lending a helping hand to community groups across Somerset.

Counting snakes

Joining the adder survey with the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme was a great way for an 11-strong team from Hinkley Point C to get involved in local conservation work. 

With their input, the survey gained a new record for the spread of the snakes locally. The sighting of adders on this occasion expanded the previously known distribution, with one adder being found a significant distance away (between 0.6-1.1km).

Wildlife Officer Jem Gibson said:

“This new recording wouldn’t be possible without big groups like this, as there’s such a vast area to search.

“The survey helps us identify some of the habitat areas that are important to the Quantock adders; knowing where they are can help us protect them from harm and understand how to manage the land better.

“Taking part in an adder survey makes you more observant. You will hear birds such as skylarks and see other creatures in the bracken, like lizards and beetles. It’s a nice opportunity to chat to like-minded people and connect over a mutual goal, too. It’s valuable to gain diverse opinions about the environment from the people working at Hinkley Point C.”

Read more about the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme at


Planting a woodland legacy

James Thieme, Health and Safety Manager for Hinkley Point C, found the ideal opportunity to volunteer right on his doorstep in Taunton, where the Maidenbrook Country Park charity is creating the Somerset Wood.

Along with a band of dedicated volunteers, James has planted more than 4,000 of the 11,000 trees planned for the site. All of the trees are indigenous (already growing in the region) and they are donated by nurseries, community gardens, and developers across the region.

James said:

There’s a handful of us regular volunteers but when the planting is happening, up to 30 local families turn out to dig in – it’s a real community effort. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place. I’m hoping to be here long enough to see all the trees planted and the planned community and educational centres created there too. It’s already making a difference to the local communities.”

Find out more at


A warmer welcome

Moved by the plight of thousands of refugees fleeing war, Shayne Andrews, G4S Service Support Lead, answered the call for volunteers to help the charity CHARIS Refugees create a new processing centre in Taunton.

Armed with £250 worth of cleaning supplies and painting equipment donated by G4S Facilities Management, Shayne helped spruce up the building’s reception and meeting rooms.

Shayne said:

I wanted to help welcome displaced people here. It’s very sad to see people having to leave their homes, so I’m determined to do what I can.”


Visit for more about the charity.

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