Study shows success of Inspire

A recent report has revealed the positive impact made by Hinkley Point C’s Inspire Education programme. The initiative delivers free activities, workshops, assemblies and events which aim to support careers advice, and continues to make a difference to the young people of the region. 

The study by Sky Blue Research, conducted over a five-year period, shows that the Inspire programme is successfully:

  • increasing interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects
  • playing an important part in Somerset’s careers advice and guidance network
  • influencing young people’s further education choices
  • delivering additional social value as a result of its operation. 


Joanna Whitehead, Young Person’s Support Service Manager at Somerset County Council, said: “Inspire has been a well-sustained and well-resourced programme, where investment is truly for the long-term. The term ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ is used a lot, but in the case of Inspire, it’s quite genuine!”

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Careering ahead

Read on to find out how the programme is making a positive impact on local youngsters…

“I found out about the apprenticeship through Young HPC, with a taster day and site tour. Hinkley Point C is five minutes from my house, so I had to get involved! It’s an exciting experience that has made me realise I’m actually quite independent.”

Oliver Tolchard, Pipe-Fitting Apprentice

“It’s been fantastic to have the support of Inspire. The programme has given me the knowledge to find my way into the construction industry.”

Megan Handley, Project Controls Apprentice

“Inspire is part of the legacy we want to leave local young people by helping them to make decisions based on their own skills, interests and qualifications.”

Chris Young, Hinkley Point C Apprentice and Skills Lead

So far, the Inspire Programme has:

  • Delivered more than 1,200 STEM and careers activities
  • Engaged with more than 400 schools
  • Supported more than 170,000 student interactions

Digital resources

Inspire has developed a series of new interactive digital resources to empower teachers and home educators. The materials aim to improve a young person’s subject knowledge while referring them to career opportunities at Hinkley Point C. Check out the resources available here.

Young HPC

Young HPC is another initiative set up by Hinkley Point C. The programme supports 16-21 year olds across Somerset and builds on the foundations of Inspire by offering careers advice. Its new partnership with “Start-Profile” helps young people to make more informed decisions about their future – to find out more visit Young HPC and Start Profile.