Our route to a lasting legacy

It’s not just construction that has come a long way. We’re working hard to ensure the wider benefits of Hinkley Point C will last for generations to come. Here are some of the highlights...



  • Hinkley Point C launched the Inspire Education Programme. This formed part of a wider education, skills and employment plan designed to ensure local people could take advantage of the substantial benefits of the Project. The programme continues to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects to schools across Somerset
  • EDF and stakeholders worked together to write the HPC Education Strategy, to support local people from school through to employment.


  • The Hinkley Point C Project committed to investing £130 million to support the community in areas such as economic development, education, tourism, health, leisure and infrastructure
  • In April, a £1.6 million investment was given to West Somerset Community College to build new training facilities and deliver new training courses
  • In May, a £3 million investment was granted to Bridgwater & Taunton College for its Energy Skills Centre to help local people secure new skills, training and jobs 
  • Somerset Chamber of Commerce delivered events to increase awareness of supply chain opportunities for local businesses


  • In February, a £1.5 million investment was delivered for the Construction Skills & Innovation Centre in Bridgwater, which went on to open in 2015. To date, it has trained more than 11,000 students.


  • The £20 million HPC Community Fund launched in May – it has since funded more than 160 local projects
  • Hinkley Point C assisted the relief effort during the Somerset floods, providing both warehouse space and logistical support to co-ordinate public donations. Workers also helped renovate Moorland and Fordgate Village Hall after it was damaged by the flood
  • £200,000 was provided to the Quantock Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), ensuring the local landscape is protected and developed for future generations to enjoy


  • We welcomed Stogursey, Cannington and Otterhampton Parish Councillors on a site visit, as part of our new programme of public tours
  • South West companies were awarded contracts with a combined value of more than £225 million
  • In December, Cannington bypass was completed as part of a £20 million package of road improvements, reducing traffic driving through the village


  • By the summer, the Inspire programme had delivered 110,000 student engagements across Somerset
  • In 2016 the Hinkley Point C Jobs Service held five recruitment fairs, seven redundancy support events, one apprenticeship event and two work academy events


  • By April, £456 million had been spent with local companies, 241 apprentices had been trained, and 3,811 jobs were created
  • In October, Young HPC launched. It continues to provide 16-21 year olds with resources to support them from school into work
  • The Hinkley Point Visitor Centre won the Community Champion Innovation Award
  • By 2017 the HPC Community Fund had given over £3.6million to support local grounds


  • In February, the National College for Nuclear opened in Cannington
  • Somerset Larder, a joint venture between local suppliers, celebrated its four-year anniversary. The group of local food suppliers has since celebrated serving four million meals to the Hinkley Point C workforce
  • By 2018, £465 million worth of contracts were awarded to suppliers in the South West


  • By 2019, 1,000 STEM and careers activities were delivered across the South West to date. They involved 415 education institutions, leading to 150,000 student engagements
  • 6,500 job opportunities created to date


  • 707 apprentices have been trained to date with access to the dedicated Apprentice and Skills Hub on site 
  • £2.7 billion has been spent with local companies
  • £10.6 million of the £20 million HPC Community Fund has been donated so far
  • Between May and August, Somerset Larder delivered 37,000 meals to frontline NHS staff
  • Work has started on our new Hinkley Point Visitor Centre
  • Our community forums, which have been running since 2010, go online during the pandemic

So far to date…

  • Over 11,000 job opportunities have been created - against a target of 25,000
  • 40% of the workforce has been recruited from the local area – against a target of 34% in the Project’s construction phase
  • £119 million has been invested in the community to minimise impact and increase non-commercial opportunities
  • £2.2 billion has been spent with companies in the South West – against a target of £1.5 billion
  • 60,000 trees and shrubs have been planted