Our crowning moment

The Hinkley Point C team is planning ahead for some iconic milestones on the road to generating zero-carbon electricity for the nation.

The project achieved a significant milestone last year, completing the base, or ‘Common Raft’, under the building that will house the second of its two identical nuclear reactors.

The milestone was completed on schedule on a date set four years ago and mirrors the base for the first reactor, which was finished in 2019.

Dome dimension

Looking further ahead, Hinkley Point C is focusing on another important milestone, set for the end of 2022: the moment when the domed roof will be lifted onto the top of the first reactor building in a move that will signify the completion of its exterior walls. A virtual conference was held to discuss these plans of progress.

Much will have been achieved once this lift has been made, including: 

  • 80% of the civil work will be completed 
  • 90% of reactor 1’s equipment and 70% of reactor 2’s equipment will have been delivered to site
  • All offshore tunnels will be completed
  • The Turbine Hall will be completed
  • The Reactor Pressure Vessel will have been delivered to Site
  • The connection to the National Grid will be completed.


We’ll keep you posted on progress towards the dome lift and other major construction milestones on the Plugged in site.

Did you know?

The dome is made up of 38 panels. It will weigh 200 tonnes and stand at 14 metres tall once the Big Carl crane has lifted it into place.

Hear from some of the companies who are helping us reach our Dome 22 milestone.