SPOTLIGHT ON… More than a jobs service

During its construction and operation, Hinkley Point C will create thousands of jobs and apprenticeships in a wide range of occupations. To help ensure that opportunities could be accessed by those closest to the Project, a dedicated service was created to give local people access to new vacancies.

The Hinkley Point C Jobs Service works with its partner Jobcentre Plus, as well as other support organisations and training providers, to promote local vacancies through its database.

Varied support

As well as promoting job opportunities for the Hinkley Point C Project, its supply chain and businesses in the local area, the Jobs Service offers a range of employment guidance. Like everyone, the team has had to make a few changes as a result of Coronavirus restrictions, but it has remained open for business throughout the pandemic.

The phone and CV support services have continued to run, and live web chat sessions are in place to allow people to talk to the team via an instant messaging service. More than 200 individuals have already engaged in the team’s live chats since they’ve been introduced during the pandemic. 

Louise Brown, HPC Jobs Service Lead, said: “We’ve made ourselves as accessible and flexible as we can be, and feedback has been that people are pleased to have sessions they can join without necessarily having to leave the house.

“The service is there to offer help to anyone worried about redundancies and we’ve supported those looking for work to update their CVs and advised them on the skills, strengths and experience employers are looking for.

“We’ve also been able to help local businesses looking to reach candidates through our jobs database. For example, we recently advertised positions for a company making antibacterial wipes that was looking to expand.”

Digital development

The pandemic has meant a pause in the popular recruitment events run by the Jobs Service, which regularly drew in around 700 people. While keen to restart these as soon as circumstances allow, the team has seized the opportunity to expand on its digital delivery. It has been busy setting up virtual jobs fairs to facilitate employers and job seekers getting to know each other.

If you’re interested in hearing about the career opportunities available across Hinkley Point C and its supply chain you can sign up to the Hinkley Point C Jobs Service here.

Did you know?

Hinkley Point C’s next phase of construction – Mechanical, Electrical and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (MEH) – is expected to create 1,200 jobs and 300 apprenticeships.

With its new specialist training facilities like the Welding Centre of Excellence, the Project is helping to address a national skills shortage and open up opportunities for rewarding and sustainable careers in the industry.

Securing a new career

When David Lloyd from Bridgwater took a voluntary early retirement package at the age of 63, he had little idea of the type of opportunities that might be available at Hinkley Point C… until he signed up to the Jobs Service.

David said: “I was new to the job market as I had been employed for 20 years.”

The Jobs Service helped David to update his CV and encouraged him to send it to G4S, the contract partner delivering Hinkley Point C’s security services. On the strength of his CV, G4S shortlisted David for an interview for the role of a security officer. 

For David, the Jobs Service was a source of both advice and support. He added: “Their experience and positivity gave me the confidence to go to the interview well prepared and, armed with some knowledge, fortunately I was successful!”

David has risen through the ranks since starting at Hinkley Point C. He was quickly promoted to a Supervisor and, more recently, he’s taken up the position of Health, Safety and Environment Lead for G4S.

David has also completed additional training and now delivers Level 3 Health and Safety sessions to the G4S team on the Project. 

He remembered, “I was as green as the grass when getting back into work, but received some brilliant advice from the Hinkley Point C Jobs Service, which set me on a new career path that was aligned to my past experience and personal qualities.”