Latest construction activity

Reactor One – Nuclear Island

The Nuclear Island is the name given to the area on site which contains the nuclear reactors, along with the buildings and machinery that support their safe function. 

  • The inner containment structure of the nuclear reactor is beginning to take shape following a 722m3 concrete pour. It’s a crucial part of the power station and took 27 hours to complete

  • Two concrete slabs were lifted into Reactor One, they are designed to support the internal structures. The slabs measure 24 metres long, 14 metres wide and 1.5 metres thick and weigh over 500 tonnes.


Reactor Two – Nuclear Island

  • Construction activities for Reactor Two are designed to follow around 12 months behind Reactor One, allowing for learnings to be implemented in its construction

  • Following the first concrete pour for the internal structures raft, works can now commence on the internal structures of the reactor building. The raft forms part of the base structure within the reactor building.


Reactor One – Conventional Island

The Conventional Island is the name given to the area on site which contains the turbine hall and the equipment used to generate the electricity.  

  • Cranes have been built on site to support the upcoming erection of 11,500 tonnes of steel for the Turbine Building

  • All Turbine Generator columns now installed and work has begun to build the turbine generator table – where the turbine will eventually sit. To support this 500 tonnes of re-bar is to be installed and 2500m3 of concrete to be poured
  • Four of the main feedwater pump tables have been completed.


Reactor Two – Conventional Island

  • Works on the Turbine Building are progressing, with steel fixing taking place for the raft

  • Steel fixing works for the raft are also taking place at Reactor Two's Electrical Building too.


Tunnelling (Intake and Outtake Systems)

  • Our first Intake Tunnel was completed at the end of last year 

  • Emmeline, the outfall tunnel boring machine (TBM), has mined over 1,296 metres since 1 April, and to date is 84% complete
  • The intake tunnel 2 TBM, Beatrice, has also started mining. It’s the first time two TBMs have been in action at the same time on the project
  • All segments that make up the rings that line our tunnels are now complete – over 45,000 were constructed at the facility in Avonmouth.


Cooling Water Systems

  • 5250m3 of concrete has been poured to create the foundations of the outfall pond building for Reactor One

  • Construction progresses with the first suspended slab completed in Reactor One’s pump house.


Permanent Buildings

  • Reactor One’s Safeguard Buildings saw the first Emergency Feedwater System tanks installed (8m x 8m x 7m – with a capacity of around 450,000 litres). The stainless steel tank provides a back up supply of water for the steam generators

  • In Reactor One’s Diesel Buildings, the first Ultimate Diesel Tank (127,000 litres) has been installed. This provides the fuel supply to the emergency back-up generators.