Build benefits extend across Britain

Ever wondered how far the benefits from the Hinkley Point C Project are reaching? You can now discover for yourself via a new, interactive map highlighting all the companies involved.

The Built in Britain map lets you explore Hinkley Point C’s supply chain across the whole of the UK. You can see where the project suppliers are based as well as a summary of the money they’ve generated for the area so far. 

Although more than 1,000 businesses in the South West are bringing in contracts worth a total of £1.7 billion, the economic benefits are reaching far and wide, as demonstrated in the interactive map graphic, which you can explore below.

Although some very specialist large components can’t be made here, 64% of the construction costs are being spent with UK companies, whether they’re supplying thousands of tonnes of Welsh steel, building hi-tech nuclear components on Teesside, or supplying construction utilities like Bridgwater-based Mike Morgan Electrical Supplies.

Being part of the Hinkley Point C supply chain is allowing many local companies to gain new skills and expertise which is boosting the nation’s industrial capacity and their ability to compete for new contracts, as well as enabling them to grow and create new jobs for local people.

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