Always keeping safety first

How Hinkley Point C is protecting workers and the community throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

A message from Nigel Cann

The safety of the communities surrounding Hinkley Point C is of paramount importance to me and the wider project team. Throughout the pandemic, we continue to listen to feedback and concerns from local residents and work with local councillors to address worries and make improvements.

The project has only remained operational because it has been able to adapt to find new ways of working safely during the crisis. We have been inspected by our independent regulator who has been satisfied with the steps taken.

We significantly reduced the number of people on site and asked people to work from home wherever possible. The remaining site workers have adapted well to the social distancing measures we have in place. We only ask our workforce to come to work because it’s safe to do so.

I will continue to keep you informed of any updates as they arise. Please visit for the latest information.

Nigel Cann
Delivery Director, Hinkley Point C

Site safety is paramount

As the Coronavirus pandemic impacted everyone across the country, Hinkley Point C acted to protect the safety and wellbeing of its people and community by making changes to the way it operates. 

Site works have continued but in a responsible way. The number of people working at the site has been significantly reduced to ensure social distancing. Other measures have been put in place so that people can get to work, do their jobs and use the site facilities in a way that is safe for themselves and therefore reduces the risk to the local community.

Construction has been focused on four key areas: the two main reactor buildings, the ‘conventional island’ where the electricity will be generated, and the tunnelling works in the Bristol Channel.

Many people on the project are continuing to work remotely in a variety of roles. Even technical tasks can be done at home, with quality maintained through rigorous checking and assurance.

With fewer people on site, and additional support in place, many construction jobs can be done with social distancing. For tasks that require closer working, extra personal protective equipment is provided.

Even as economic activity begins to increase, the steps taken to monitor health and prevent the risk of infection will remain in place, and numbers on site will be guided by what is safe.

Hinkley Point C’s social distancing measures:

  • Body temperature checks are conducted at site entrance, with thermal imaging cameras installed across the park and rides and campuses to detect anyone with a high temperature
  • Reduction of number of workers on site by around a half
  • Workers living in local accommodation have been moved to Hinkley Point C’s two campus sites 
  • Bus stops in local communities stopped being used at the beginning of the pandemic, with workers only able to board buses at Park & Rides or the campuses 
  • Extra buses have been laid on to reduce the number of workers using each bus and screens installed to protect the drivers
  • Enhanced cleaning is taking place across the project
  • Floor markers installed and changes to seating to distance canteen users from each other
  • Refining shift patterns and break times in order to stop mixing of different teams.

Supporting the supply chain

Hinkley Point C recognises that supporting its suppliers now will protect livelihoods and enable the local economy to come back in the best possible shape when the crisis is over.

With more than 1,000 businesses in the South West bringing in contracts worth a total of £1.7 billion, the build has real benefits for the local and national supply chain.

The project will continue to support apprentices and local job opportunities through its many resources. The HPC Jobs Service is helping people get into work both on the project and through roles with local businesses. 

In allowing the project to continue in a responsible way, the building blocks remain in place that will allow the region to remain resilient throughout the crisis.

Regulator ONR supports the project’s measures

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has given its assurance that there are no risks to safety arising from continuing works on the project. The site will be continually regulated.