Be a part of Young HPC

Young HPC will be launched later in 2017 giving you the opportunity to find out more about the wealth of career opportunities available at Hinkley Point C.

By getting involved in Young HPC you will be able to take part in a variety of activities that are focussed around the skills required by all contractors that are part of the HPC project – from Construction through to Catering, and will allow you the opportunity to discover what careers and apprenticeships are available and with who.

If you want to find out more, please complete the form below so we are able to keep in contact with you and let you know more about the how you can get involved!

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We do not collect data from young people under the age of 16. A parent/guardian, teacher or careers advisor will be able to complete this form on your behalf.
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This information will only be used for anonymous statistical analysis and access to any information will be strictly controlled and not used to inform decisions relating to prospective opportunities.
The information collected will be used to: inform you of news and opportunities with the Hinkley Point C project; supply useful links to careers advice and information; produce statistics on local interest in the Hinkley Point C Development to inform workforce planning and report to Somerset County Council. At the age of 18 your details will be transferred to the Hinkley Point C Job Service which will inform you of jobs and training opportunities related to Hinkley Point C. There is no commitment to remain on our database and can be removed at any time. All information will be kept in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.
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