We are building the new power station after being given final approval back in September 2016. One of the approvals we needed before starting work is called a Development Consent Order, or DCO; effectively the planning permission for our large project.

This DCO sets out what we are permitted to build and the conditions attached to this approval, such as setting out the size of buildings and restricting the amount of noise or light that the work may create.

We are seeking to change the layout of some of the smaller buildings on the Hinkley Point C site and in order to do so we need to apply for what is called a 'non-material change' to the DCO. This means that the changes we are applying for do not differ substantially to what was agreed in the original plan, or conflict with any of the conditions that were set at the time.

A DCO is a little different to the planning permission if you wanted to build a house for example, in that it is the government, rather than a local council, that gives final approval. Our application for changes will therefore be decided by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, following a period of public consultation.

Consultation will run from 28 July to 4 September (inclusive) and comments on the application should be sent directly to the Planning Inspectorate, which is responsible for the process.

What is being proposed?

The changes to the buildings layout are as a result of reviewing learning from our other power stations, incorporating evolving safety practice and security measures, optimising the design of the buildings and allowing for the retention of the Heavy Lift Crane until the end of the construction.

The changes are all proposed to the smaller buildings on the site surrounding the main power station and are due to begin construction from 2022 onwards.

The changes we’re proposing fall into 4 categories – these are new buildings, relocated buildings, deleted buildings and larger buildings. The plans for approval also show 3 buildings which are reverting back to their approved location.

You can find more detail in the documents and plans below.

How to comment on the proposals

All representations must be made directly to the Planning Inspectorate by 23:59 on Friday 4 September 2020.

Please send any comments about the application by email to HPCNuclear@planninginspectorate.gov.uk or in writing to: Major Applications & Plans, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN.

Please quote HPC Project - Non-Material Change 4 on any correspondence.

If you would like to ask us a question about the application, please use the details on the Contact Us page of the website.

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