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Make your home more energy efficient

We're committed to helping our customers reduce their energy use. Improving your home's energy efficiency is FREE with the ECO4 Scheme!

Installing a package of energy savings measures can help reduce future energy usage and increase the value of your home

What is the Energy Company Obligation?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme was set up in April 2013. The purpose of the scheme is to help eligible customers make their homes more energy-efficient by installing free energy-saving measures and heating improvements. This helps customers keep their homes warm and running more efficiently.

Customers will need to take a package of energy efficiency improvements rather than just one. Eligible customers will have a survey carried out on their homes to make sure their property is suitable for these improvements.

Just fill in your details on our form and someone will get back to you to go through your options and the next steps.

Five steps to making your home more energy efficient and lowering how much energy you use in the future

Step 1

Great news! We've identified you as suitable for the energy efficiency measures provided by ECO4.

Step 2

Apply for the new ECO4 scheme using our online form.

Step 3

Eligible customers will need to have a survey carried out. This is free of charge.

The installer will be in contact to arrange a suitable time.

Step 4

Based on the survey results. The installer will decide on which package of measures will help improve your EPC rating

They'll also agree on a date to start the work.

Step 5

Congratulations enjoy your more energy-efficient home!

Here are some of the measures available to install under ECO4

fibreglass loft insulation roll in attic

Stop heat in your home escaping

Did you know that a typical home with no insulation can lose 33% of heat through its walls and 25% through the roof?

Insulating your home properly can improve keeping the heat in and also improve things like

Well-insulated homes are much better for your health too. There is no question that living in a cold home can cause health issues, and heighten pre-existing ones. Insulating your home to the latest guidance also means that you can prevent damp, which can cause mould and mildew.

Adding insulation to your loft, walls and floor will help you keep your home warm, wasting less energy and lowering your home's carbon emissions.

Economy 7 - night storage heater

Upgrade your heating system

Upgrading your existing electric heating system with a more energy-efficient solution or adding a zero carbon heating system like an air source heat pump will keep you warm and save the planet.

Electric heater designs have come a long way. New models of storage heaters and electric radiators include energy efficiency features such as

  • Smart controls help you only heat the rooms you want
  • A highly accurate thermostat, 7-day times for 24-hour control
  • Energy-saving technologies such as 'open window detection' and 'adaptive start'
engineer showing how to use boiler

Upgrade or replace your boiler

Upgrading or replacing your old boiler with a more efficient model will help make your home more energy efficient. Boilers, like other domestic appliances, have efficiency ratings of A-G. Modern boilers have to be A-rated and show it in their literature.


Fill in your details and one of our installers will call you back to go through your options and arrange a FREE home survey to see which improvements are best for you.

Frequently asked questions about the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

The ECO scheme has been designed by the government to help improve the most energy inefficient properties across the UK.

As part of this, the scheme requires that the fabric of a property (walls, floors & roofs) are improved before replacing a heating system. If all insulation work has been done and is up to the current standards it may be possible to replace a broken heating system but further scheme restrictions may apply.

In order to be eligible for the ECO scheme, your property must meet the minimum EPC band improvement. The package of measures identified by the installer will help you meet this requirement and must be installed to be eligible for the scheme.

The ECO scheme is not a grant scheme. Payments are made directly to the installer based on the work completed in your home. EDF only uses installers that meet the accreditation requirements as set by the government.

When insulating your home it's important to have adequate air flow throughout the property, therefore it may be required to install ventilation measures to help with this.


Your allocated installer should be in touch with you within five working days from when you submitted your application. You will find your installer's name and contact details in your application email, please contact them directly.

If you haven't received an email with this information yet, please contact us by email at

Yes, we have a replacement boiler offer and can also help you with insulation for your home. Please head to our heating section to find out more about our heating and insulation solutions.

Please email a copy of your benefits letter directly to your allocated installer. Details of who to contact are in your confirmation email.

In the first instance, you should contact the installer directly. Please refer to the information in your confirmation email to find your installer's contact details.

If you're unsatisfied with their response or are unable to resolve the issue with them, then please contact the EDF ECO team by email at

Please contact your allocated installer directly to rearrange your appointment. Please try and give 48 hours' notice. Your installer's details are sent in your confirmation email.

Advice on what you can do at home to save energy

With the continued cost of living crises, there's never been a better time to cut your energy bills and be kind to the planet. We've put together some tips to help you and your family reduce the energy use in every room of your home. Read our tips on energy saving at home. Some of these are easy to do and completely free.