Fixed price electricity for your car and home

We listened to our customers feedback and have created a competitive single rate GoElectric tariff. If you didn't previously qualify for the GoElectric tariff because you were unable to have a new smart meter installed, or if your smart meter wasn't supported, we now have a solution for you.

Charge at any time for the same low cost

With the new single rate GoElectric tariff, you can now charge your car whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that you'll have a similar yearly bill price to the two rate version.

Lower your household electricity bill

Designed especially for electric car drivers, the single rate GoElectric tariff offers a great alternative to the current two rate version. Not only do you benefit from low cost electricity when charging your car, but your household also benefits from the same competitive fixed price.

100% renewable electricity

Electricity for our new single rate GoElectric tariff comes from 100% renewable sources(1). We use wind, solar, Biomass, tidal, and hydroelectric energy. Go electric. Feel good. Be 100% renewable with us.

Electricity unit rates starting from only 11.19p per kWh

EDF will take responsibility for your switch, making sure the process is simple, reliable and hassle-free. Visit our Energy Switch Guarantee page to find out more.

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How much can I save?

Woman standing in front of a parked BMW i3

Samantha lives in Brighton and has a standard 1 rate meter. She made the switch to an electric car two years ago but is still on a standard variable tariff. We can quickly and easily compare her costs for the GoElectric single rate tariff against her standard variable tariff including charging an electric car. Let's see!

Total savings with an electric car


Standard variable tariff bill + electric car

Medium mileage driver
8,000 miles per year

GoElectric tariff bill + electric car

Medium mileage driver
8,000 miles per year.

Electricity bill for household

Charging costs per year

Electricity bill for household

Charging costs per year

Total cost for household and car bills

Total cost for household and car bills

These figures are based on a comparison between EDF’s Standard (Variable) electricity tariff, on Direct Debit (pricing correct as of October 2019) and EDF’s new GoElectric Jan 2021 electricity tariff, on Direct Debit, using 3,100 kWh per year inclusive of VAT. Calculations for vehicle use are based on 8000 miles per annum where the electric vehicle charging cost assumes a conversion rate of 3.5 miles per kWh, equal to 2286 kWh per year or 8000 miles.