98 hours of super cheap off-peak(4)

That's 9pm-7am during the week and the whole weekend for your charging convenience.

Only 8.01p per kWh during off-peak hours(3)

Our competitive electric car tariff with cheaper off-peak energy, designed especially for those with an electric car.

Our first 100% renewable tariff(1)

Not only from 100% renewable sources(1), the tariff comes with a smart meter to monitor your energy use.

Meet Sam
and James

Sam lives in Bromley with his son James and has a SMETs 2 smart meter. He recently made the switch to an electric car – after driving a VW Golf for four years. We can quickly and easily compare his costs for a petrol car and now for an electric car. Let's see!

Total savings with an electric car


Standard variable tariff bill + petrol car

Medium milage driver
8,000 miles per year

GoElectric tariff bill + electric car

Medium mileage driver
8,000 miles per year.

Electricity bill for household

Fuel costs per year

Electricity bill for household

Charging costs per year

Total cost for household and car bills

Total cost for household and car bills

These figures are based on a comparison between EDF Energy’s Standard (Variable) electricity tariff, on Direct Debit (pricing correct as of April 2019) and EDF Energy’s new GoElectric Sept 2020 electricity tariff, on Direct Debit, using 3,100 kWh per year. Calculations assume that on the GoElectric Sept 2020 electricity tariff, 60% of total consumption and 76% of electric vehicle home charging will be carried out during the off peak hours of 9pm – 7am weekdays and all weekends at 8.01p per kWh, including VAT. Calculations for fuel are based on 8000 miles per annum and a fuel consumption of 51.7 mpg (5.5 litres per 100 km) for petrol vehicles. The calculation is based on a UK average price per litre of 125.4p (AA Fuel Price Report April 2019). The electric vehicle charging cost assumes a conversion rate of 3.5 miles per kWh, equal to 2286 kWh per year or 8000 miles.

Our 100% renewable tariff just for you

Electricity for our electric car tariff comes from 100% renewable sources(1). We use wind, solar, Biomass, tidal, and hydroelectric energy. Go electric. Feel good. Be 100% renewable with us.

Is it right for me?

  • You own an electric car or van
  • You already have or want to get a smart meter installed so you can better manage your energy and receive accurate bills
  • You want to pay monthly by direct debit

Easy on your wallet

Want a cheaper off-peak rate on your energy when you’re most likely to recharge your electric car? You’re in luck, our competitive tariff gives you just that! This is to support and reward electric car owners for choosing a low-carbon option. GoElectric, feel good and spend less – what’s not to like?

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Off-Peak Evenings & Weekends

Our GoElectric tariff offers super cheap off-peak charging for 10 hours per day(5) from 9pm until 7am on weekdays and all weekend(2). That's enough hours to fully charge most electric cars fully at the lower price every day.

And with peak rates from only 15.98p and daily standing charge from 27.13p (depending on region)(6), we ensure your total bill remains very competitive even when you need to occasionally top up your car battery during the day.

Electric vehicle solutions for business

Find out how we can drive your business forward and make your transition to electric vehicles seamless and hassle free.

With expert advice and access to a range of products and services all under one roof, the move to electric vehicles has never been easier.

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Your electric adventures start here.

We challenged a group of our favourite adventurers to find out how easy it is to drive an electric car. See how they got on, and watch their electric adventures now!

To get our GoElectric tariff you should:

Own or lease an EV, or have an EV on order (and be able to prove this). We will ask for evidence when signing you up to the tariff.

Have or be willing to have a compatible smart meter installed (so we can accurately record your off-peak usage).

Pay for your energy by direct debit.

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