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London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally 2024

Experience an unforgettable day for everyone! 

Celebrate the future of EV!

We’re proud to be sponsoring this year's London to Brighton Electric Vehicle Rally - in fact, it's now our fourth year!

We’re doing everything we can to help Britain achieve net zero, and we believe electric vehicles (EV) play a huge part in driving our net zero future.

Join us and a convoy of 100 cutting-edge EVs as we embark on a green adventure, cruising through iconic landscapes, and making a statement for sustainable mobility.

You'll meet manufacturers, enthusiasts, and innovators as they come together and celebrate the future of transportation.

When's the 2024 EV Rally?

Saturday 22 June at 7am in Westminster, London and ends at around 11am on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

Be part of the whole journey, or join us in London or enjoy the end celebration in Brighton from 11am - the choice is yours!

Where can I find the EV Rally in Brighton?

As the vehicles reach the final destination at Madeira Drive, Brighton, get ready to witness the transformation of 2.5 miles of seafront into an electrifying e-village!

EV rally in Maderia Drive, Brighton
EV rally family fun

What can I expect to see and do in Brighton?

It's going to be jam-packed day for everyone to celebrate the future of electric vehicles! Plus, find our experts next to the finish line. We'll guide you through smart technology from discussing the right EV tariff that works for you, to solar panels and heat pumps.

  • Learn how to make your home smart
  • Test drive an EV!
  • A thrilling micro-mobility stunt show 
  • Enjoy live music 
  • Exhibition stands
  • Family fun including electric go-karts and penalty shoot-out competitions!

What's the EV Rally about?

The EV Rally 2024 is driving positive change and helping speed our way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. By promoting clean energy alternatives and reducing carbon emissions, the event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles and inspire individuals and businesses to embrace eco-friendly transportation solutions.

How to get involved

If you’re interested in taking part and driving in the rally, sign up at:

Other ways EDF can help your net zero journey

Only EDF has the right mix of wind, nuclear and solar electricity to power the nation. We are Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity and we’re busy doing everything we can to help Britain achieve net zero(1).

If you're interested in how technology can power your transition to a low carbon lifestyle, here are links to our zero carbon products to help drive your journey to net zero! 

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