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EDF Energy Services is a joint venture between EDF Energy and Dalkia which combines the energy experience and technical expertise of these two EDF Group companies.

We design, build, install, commission, finance, operate and maintain energy efficiency initiatives within the UK. Safety is our foremost priority and we always operate with a zero-harm ethos. 

Decentralised Energy
We design, build, operate and finance energy centres and combined heat and power solutions. We offer long-term performance guarantees and quality services.

District Heating & Cooling Networks
We can support the integration and growth of city-wide low carbon district heating and cooling networks with a wide range of technologies. We also provide billing and customer services to administer your networks.

Energy Efficiency
Our qualified ESOS & IPMVP auditors can help you to achieve your energy, carbon and cost reduction goals, from regulatory advice through to an EPC.

Gautier Jacob
CEO, EDF Energy Services

At EDF Energy Services we can apply our expertise and knowledge to help businesses save energy and reduce carbon emissions in the long term.

EDF Energy’s experience of the UK market and EDF Group owned Dalkia’s French expertise in energy services is a powerful combination and a winning proposition for customers looking for a trusted partner."

Our services

District Heating Networks

  • We meet the social, environmental and economic needs of towns, cities and communities through the provision of innovative low carbon infrastructure to public and private sector organisations.
  • Through continuous innovation and development of digital energy efficiency solutions, we provide more choices to customers, enabling them to take greater control of their energy consumption.
  • With leverage from our parent company Dalkia, who operate over 350 schemes in Europe, we can provide a vast amount of skills and expertise in the delivery and management of district heating & cooling infrastructure projects. This includes design, build, finance, O&M, customer/billing services and life-cycle asset management.
  • We can provide flexible technical, finance and commercial solutions; including ESCo and long-term O&M delivery models.


  • We provide development, design, construction, operation and financing of on-site generation projects, including Combined Heat & Power.
  • We offer site audits and assessment services to identify energy conservation measures as well as project development and implementation of these solutions.
  • In line with customer needs, we provide a varying level of guarantees and assurances on the delivery of energy savings.
  • EDFES has access to a wide range of expertise in most technologies including steam, CHP, HV and LV, compressed air, cooling, energy recovery, biomass, LED lighting, HVAC, process automation, advance monitoring

Energy Efficiency

  • Our energy experts will visit your site and use relevant tools to take live measurements of your primary energy consumptions.
  • We will explore the areas which are operating inefficiently and develop a high-level report on Energy Conservation Measures.
  • A detailed energy audit will be completed to develop an Investment Grade Proposals which capture the potential savings, costs, risks and further benefits.

Building Energy Services

  • We provide innovative energy solutions for clients managing large estates with complex energy challenges:  hospitals, universities, campuses, commercial centres, business centres and office buildings, local authorities, social housing and large residential buildings. 
  • For critical systems, we can replace or refurbish your near end-of-life energy infrastructures to ensure the continuity of supply.
  • From improved energy utilisation, our energy monitoring and reporting methods can provide you with cost and carbon savings.
  • We can recommend on-site, low carbon, heat and electricity generation solutions using appropriately costed and sized technologies including heat pumps, CHP, PV and biomass fired systems.

District Heating Networks

  • Contact: Medi Rampal



  • Contact: Miles Hearn

Energy Efficiency


  • Contact: Nicolas Fourches

Building Energy Services

  • Contact: Jason Stoyel

General Enquiries

  • For all other enquiries please email:

Imtech UK and Ireland

EDF Energy Services acquired Imtech UK and Ireland in June 2017. Imtech is a leading engineering services company and provider of technical services to construction, industrial, commercial and public-sector clients in the UK and Ireland. These services are delivered via; Imtech, Suir, Inviron and Capula.

Engineering Services

Imtech Engineering Services provides design, installation and commissioning solutions through our regional businesses in the North, Central, Scotland and London & South across a wide range of sectors including health and social care, education, leisure, commercial and retail. 

Suir Engineering

Suir Engineering in Ireland has over 30 years of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation expertise with many blue chip clients in sectors including commercial, health and social care, manufacturing and industrial, science and technology and utilities.

Technical Facilities Management

Imtech Inviron supports clients in a number of sectors, undertaking the transition of new buildings through practical completion into successful facilities management operations and the maintenance and upgrade of existing facilities.

Systems Integration

Capula, Imtech’s systems integration business, is one of the leaders in its sector. Capula focuses on providing advanced automation control and real-time IT solutions across the built environment and infrastructure, in particular for the nuclear, renewable energy, power generation, oil and gas and process industry sectors.


District Heating Networks

Barkantine Heating Network (London)

The Barkantine Heat and Power Company (BHPC), a subsidiary of EDF Energy Services is a local initiative that harnesses a leading energy efficiency strategy.  The energy centre and distribution infrastructure provides heat to both residential and commercial customers.

The Energy Centre and heating network incorporates a 1.4MWe CHP engine to meet the baseload heat requirements, and four 1.4MWth heat-only boilers for top-up and peak load requirements. The heat is distributed through 2.4 km of underground mains. To date, BHPC has achieved its main objectives: carbon savings - saving 2500 tonnes of CO2 per year and, energy efficient – up to 30% more efficient than conventional heat and power systems and cost effective - providing savings for customers on energy costs.


Aerospace Industry

Imtech Inviron have provided technical facilities management for a large supplier to the aerospace industry since 2009. We ensure that the client can deliver precision products to their customers in complete confidence that the technical services across its complex design and manufacturing facilities are maintained to the highest standards.

We advise and work closely with the client to deliver solutions to reduce its CO2 emissions and help achieve its energy efficiency targets. We undertook a project to upgrade lighting, in one of its’ main buildings, to energy efficient luminaires in conjunction with occupancy and daylight sensors. Since completion, the original estimated saving of £81k per annum has been exceeded, initial costs recovered and energy savings realised.

Energy efficiency

United Biscuits

Energy Services at EDF Energy conducted energy audits at seven of UB’s sites, which included comprehensive ESOS energy audits at four of UB’s main sites in the UK. The objective of these audits was to assess the energy performance and recommend cost-effective energy efficiency savings.

Installation of PV and CHP systems contributed directly to monetary savings of approx. £ 501,500, as well as a reduction of 7191 MWh in electricity consumption and 1961t of greenhouse (CO2) emissions.

Building Energy Services

Chase Farm

On target to open in Autumn 2018, Chase Farm will be operated and maintained by EDF Energy Services. The energy centre will provide power, heating and hot water for the new hospital, using a highly efficient and low carbon combined heat and power plant. This 15-year contract will reduce carbon emissions by 27% saving over 17,000 tonnes of carbon and producing savings to the hospital of nearly £7m over the term of the contract.

Large thermal stores will be used to store excess heat generated by the plant and allow it to be used in the hospital when it is needed – as well as being able to export any power not used back to the national grid.

Low Carbon Solutions

Imtech Low Carbon Solutions

Imtech have been commissioned by the London Borough of Hounslow to design, supply, install and maintain a roof mounted 1.68Mwp Solar Photovoltaic array (6000 solar panels) complete with battery storage to maximise use of renewable energy on site. This decentralised plant will generate over 1,529,640 kWh per annum reducing the local authorities’ carbon footprint by 791 CO2, the equivalent of removing 204 UK cars from the road every year.

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Dalkia offers innovative solutions to help local authorities and businesses navigate the energy transition.


Imtech offer innovative, sustainable solutions in engineering services, from design to completion and on-going maintenance. 


EDF Energy Research and Development UK is a centre of technical excellence whose main purpose is helping to build a brighter energy future for the UK.

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