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Sorry the sign up for this Beat the Peak event is now closed!

Please look for the next Beat the Peak event to see if you can earn money by reducing your energy usage during peak times. Helping Britain reduce its carbon emissions!

Three ways to beat the next peak!

1. Stop showering during peak times

2. Put your washing machine on later

3. Stop using your tumbler dryer at peak times

Yes. You can opt out of the challenge using the link in your email. When you do, we’ll stop sending you alerts about our Beat the Peak events.

We’ll use data from your smart meter and guidance from National Grid to work out how much electricity you usually use over the hours of a Beat the Peak event. We’ll then compare this to how much you use during the event. 

You don’t need to supply any meter readings as part of the Beat the Peak challenge. We’ll be able to use your smart meter to calculate how much you reduce your electricity use by.

No. Beat the Peak won’t change any of these things. Your account and tariffs will continue as they are. They only change will be the amounts that we credit to your account after Beat the Peak events.

We’ll send you an email confirming how much you’ve earned, and we’ll credit this amount to your account with us within two weeks.

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