United Biscuits

In 2013, United Biscuits formed a partnership with EDF Energy, unrelated to the manufacturer’s electricity supply contract with another company, to achieve its energy efficiency targets.

After auditing seven of United Biscuits’ UK sites, we presented the company with over 40 energy-saving opportunities. We estimated that putting all these into practice could save £2.5 million a year.

United Biscuits drew up a three-year plan for installing the recommended measures, and agreed a Performance Contract with EDF Energy – guaranteeing the savings whether or not the measures worked as we predicted.

Phase 1 of the project – upgrading lighting and compressed air systems at five of the sites – cost a lump sum of £779,000 and is saving United Biscuits £397,000 a year. The work will pay for itself well within the company’s schedule.

Phase 2 – which involves recovering wasted heat and making the company’s transformers more efficient – is in progress.

“This approach to strategy development and the skills EDF Energy are bringing to the party will help us to keep making great strides in reducing our impact on the environment – and enjoying all the benefits that brings to our company.”

Paul Martin, Head of UK Engineering, United Biscuits.