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  • The UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity(1). We're committed to transforming the lives of our customers with innovative products and services as well as working towards a low-carbon future. 
  • A great tariff deal. Our tariffs are competitively priced giving you peace of mind.


What happens now that TOTO Energy has stopped supplying your energy?

The energy industry's regulator Ofgem has chosen us to supply your energy, and we're delighted to welcome you to EDF Energy. It'll take some time for TOTO Energy to send over your details, once this has happened we'll send out your Welcome Pack with all the information you need in it.

Here's what happens next:

Good news, we’ve automatically started supplying your energy. If you'd like to submit your meter reading, you can either submit a meter reading or call us on 0333 009 6993(2) - we're open Monday - Friday 8 am – 8 pm and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm.

Submit your meter reading

We'll send you details of your new contract and the terms and conditions shortly.

Smart PAYG and Prepayment customers

You can continue to top-up as normal. If you do have any problems you can contact us on the following number (01273) 917132(2). The lines are open Monday - Friday 9 am – 6 pm and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm.

If you pay by prepayment key or card, you can continue to use your existing key/card as usual.

We’d love you to stay with us and benefit from the great service and value that our customers already enjoy. But if you do wish to change supplier, please wait until you have received your contract as this will confirm your new account has been set up.

Keeping you updated on the progress

Latest news

Update 08 November 2019 

We've been made aware that there have been calls made to customers requesting bank details to be able to refund any credit owed on their TOTO account. Please be aware that we would never call you for bank details. If you think you've shared your bank details with a scammer, you should contact your bank immediately and report the incident to Action Fraud or call on 0300 123 2040.

Update 04 November 2019

Welcome to EDF Energy, we’re delighted to have you as a customer! We’ve started work on setting up your new account and you will receive your Welcome Letter in the next few weeks, which will include the terms and conditions of your tariff. 

The great news is that we’ve given you a very competitive price for your energy for at least the next 6 months and we’ll guarantee you won’t pay any more than you would have with TOTO during this time.

If you have not done so already, it would be great if you can send us a meter reading. This will help us to ensure your account is opened to an accurate meter reading.

Thank you for your patience while we get everything set up for you. Please refer to our FAQ's below for further information.


Frequently asked questions

Here's some more information about joining EDF Energy. If you need to speak to us, call us on 0333 009 6993(2) – our team is ready to answer your query, Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5pm.

Your supply

Why has EDF Energy started supplying my energy?

When your previous supplier ceased trading, Ofgem reviewed energy suppliers and determined that EDF Energy would be the best supplier for you. EDF Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK. We have a range of tariffs, including competitively priced fixed tariffs, and you can manage your account online, 24/7. 

Will I lose supply of my gas or electricity?

Rest assured, your energy supply will continue and remain uninterrupted during the transfer process. 

Who is the administrator for my previous company?

We will update you with this information shortly

What should I do if I currently pay by Direct Debit?

If you pay by Direct Debit, this will be transferred to us, so that we can collect payment for energy you have used and not yet paid for. In the next few weeks you'll see 'EDF Energy' referenced in your bank statements for any DD payments we collect.

I was getting 100% renewable power, will I still get the same with EDF Energy?

EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity(1). Electricity is sourced from our own UK power stations, the wholesale energy market and other independent power generators. We are a major supporter of independent renewable generators.

What do I do if there is an emergency with my energy supply?

Please take a look at what to do in an emergency.

I have a pay as you go smart meter should I continue to top-up?

You can continue to top-up as normal. If you do have any problems you can contact us on the following number (01273) 917132(2). The lines are open Monday - Friday 9 am – 6 pm and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm.

Your contract

Will I stay on the same tariff?

You’ll move to an EDF Energy tariff which is different from the one you had with TOTO Energy. Your new tariff will have no exit fees, and your prices will be in your Welcome Pack. We’ll contact you before this tariff ends with all our tariff options. You can choose another fixed tariff if you wish – but we ask that you wait until we contact you to confirm your transfer to us has been completed.

How do I change my payment method?

We’ll be in contact when your transfer is complete to explain how you can change your payment method.

Will I still get my time of use tariff?

You’ll move to an EDF Energy tariff that is compatible with your meter. You can choose another fixed tariff if you wish – but we ask that you wait until we contact you to confirm your transfer to us has been completed.

Will my bill go up?

Your prices will be in your Welcome Pack and you’ll move to an EDF Energy tariff with no exit fees. You can choose another fixed tariff if you wish – but we do ask that you wait until we contact you to confirm your transfer to us has been completed.

Will I be able to leave without exit fees?

Yes. There are no exit fees on your new EDF Energy tariff. 

Your transfer

Can I move to another supplier before the transfer to EDF Energy?

Ofgem’s advice is to allow the transfer to EDF Energy to complete before considering changing supplier. We’ll let you know when your transfer is complete.


I’ve just moved, does this change anything?

When your account has been set up, it would be helpful if you could let us know your previous and new address by calling us on 0333 009 6993 (2). Ofgem recommends redirecting your post if you’ve recently moved. For more information visit Post Office or Royal Mail.

I started transferring to a different supplier (not EDF Energy) when I heard my previous supplier was ceasing trading. Will my transfer still go ahead?

It will depend on how far your transfer has progressed. If your transfer has gone through, you'll hear from your new supplier.

I have a smart meter appointment booked with my previous supplier – will this go ahead as planned?

No your smart meter appointment will not take place with your previous supplier. We will be in contact directly to arrange an apointment.

Accounts in debit or credit

Will I lose any credit with my existing supplier?

Domestic customer credit balances are protected by Ofgem regulations. EDF Energy will honour any valid credit balances that current and former customers have with TOTO energy. We're working out how to do this and we'll be in touch.

What happens to any outstanding payments/debt with my previous supplier?

We're currently working with the administrator to establish how this process will work and we'll be in touch when we have more information.

Other services

I’m listed on the Priority Services Register. Will I remain on the register when I transfer to EDF Energy?

We will work with TOTO Energy to try to obtain this information. If we are unable to do so we will be in contact to explain the services available  as part of our priority service register and how to sign up to this.

How do I contact you?

If there's something you do need to speak to us about, call 0333 009 6993(2) Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm - or contact us via LiveChat tab on the right.

If you’d like more information take a look at Ofgem’s Safety Net FAQs

I'm unhappy, how can I complain?

Please contact us on 0333 009 6993 (2) Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday between 8am and 2pm . You can also visit our complaints page to find out how to raise your complaint so we can put it right.

I've already made a complaint to my previous supplier, what happens now?

If you still have an issue and it isn’t about your previous supplier (such as their service), you'll need to raise the matter again with us and we'll do our best to get it resolved. Please visit our complaints page.

I've already escalated my complaint to Ombudsman Services: Energy /EHU or Citizens Advice – what happens now?

You should have heard from them explaining what happens next. If you haven’t, please go to our complaints page and we can help.