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Our contact centres are severely impacted by the current coronavirus issues and although we have enabled many of our advisors to work from home, we are currently running reduced services.

If you have already submitted your query via another channel it will be answered you do not need to submit again.
You can do almost everything online including giving your meter readings, pay bills and switch tariffs through MyAccount or the app - it's quick and available 24/7.
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We need this to validate that you are the owner of the account
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If you have answered "Yes" please call us on 0333 200 5100 instead of filling this form.

We're afraid all appointments are currently cancelled unless it's an emergency.

If it's an emergency and you can smell gas ring 0800 111999.
If you have a power failure ring 105.

If this does not cover your emergency and you are a prepayment customer - click

If you do not have your meter reads we will estimate your meter readings

If you want to change tariff, our cheapest rates can be found on MyAccount
Go to to choose your new tariff

You are able to pay your bill using our automated phone line: 0333 200 5108

Have you already tried to give us your meter reading(s) via our automated phone line 03332 005 108?

The quickest way to give us your reads is via this phone number or by using the submit meter readings page:

Please only continue to use this form to submit your query, if you’ve already tried the above channels -

You will know if you have a multi rate meter when you have more than one meter reading displayed on your electricity meter. This includes Economy 7 or Warm Wise
Date that you took the reading

Thanks for the reading, if you're due a bill we'll get one sent out or we'll record on the account

Regular payment date can only be between the 1st and the 28th of every month

Please go to:
to find out more information and options on topping up your meter

If you not have accessed your emergency funds; take your card out of the meter, then put it back in. This will activate your emergency credit.
And if you have a smart meter read the instructions on how to access your emergency funds here:

If you have accessed your emergency funds then please contact us 0333 200 5110

If you have no supply and need it today please contact us on 0333 200 5110

To get a replacement key/card, please fill out our form. We can usually get it to you within about five working days.
The form is found here

You can top up your key/card with credit at your nearest Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office

If you have no supply then it is important that you contact us on 0333 200 5110

We are not currently scheduling any metering appointments due to current circumstances

For help using your Smart Meter you can use the FAQs which can be found here

The quickest way to submit your opening meter read is online, to log in or register for My Account - click https:/
Alternatively submit your read via our automated phone line 03332 005 108

You are able to pay your final bill using our automated phone line: 0333 200 5108