Could EDF Energy save you £200?*

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With Blue+Price Protection Oct17 tariff you'll have peace of mind as it gives you: 

  • No price rises guaranteed until at least October 2017
  • It’s easier to budget and plan effectively with fixed prices until at least October 2017
  • No exit fees.

*Actual savings vary based on customer’s region, usage, and existing tariff. Prices correct as at 30th September 2016. We have estimated that dependent on their region, at least 1 in 10 people can save up to £200, and in some regions as many as 1 in 5 people can save up to £200 by switching over to our Blue+Price Protection Oct17 (Dual Fuel Direct Debit).

Estimated percentage for each region

ProductBlue+Price Protection
Oct17 DF DD
Percentage of customers who could save £200
East Midlands£84121.7%
North East£86020.3%
North Scotland£89027.8%
North Wales£90720.6%
North West£86621.5%
South East£91814.6%
South Scotland£85920.4%
South Wales£88229.7%
South West£93212.8%
West Midlands£87120.1%


How households could save over £200 through switching their energy supply to EDF Energy’s Blue+Price Protection Oct17.

 Basis for claim

Calculation of £200 savings message.


  • Dual fuel and electricity only accounts by region and supplier are taken from Cornwall Energy data
  • We make assumptions around the number of accounts on Standard Variable (non prepayment)This gives the total number of households on non prepayment Standard
  • Variable tariffs by region.


 £/account saving calculation:

  • The difference between each suppliers Standard Variable tariff (excluding any paperless discounts) and the fixed price tariff (used in the message) is calculated for each region at typical consumption. 
  • We assume 50% of customers save more than this amount and 50% less.
  • Customers won’t all have typical consumption, so we assume a normal distribution around it, with more people using amounts closer to typical consumption, and fewer people using a lot less or a lot more energy. We also work out the potential savings at different levels of consumption. Together, these allow us to work out the percentage of customers we believe could save £200 or more.



  •  The number of customers who could save more than £200 (calculated in point 6 above) is divided by the total number of customers in each region to give the % who can save more than £200.


  • Excludes any fixed price tariffs
  • Includes the Standard Variable tariffs of the following suppliers;
  • British Gas
  • EDF Energy
  • Eon
  • Npower
  • Scottish Power
  • SSE
  • First Utility 
  • Ovo
  • Co-op


The calculation takes account of customers with British Gas for their gas supply and who take their electricity from the supplier who was formerly the regional electricity company for their region.  An adjustment is made to reflect the amount these customers could save (the bill difference is based on British Gas Standard  Variable price and the electricity price of the host supplier in this region).