Frequently asked questions

What is P272?
A mandatory change which requires certain meters to use HH data rather than the current estimated industry profile shape.

Why is this happening?
HH data is used in a process called settlement which is a more accurate mechanism for ensuring usage is allocated correctly to customers and suppliers.

What does ‘settlement’ mean?
Settlement is the process by which consumption used by customers is allocated to suppliers, HH settlement is more accurate than using an estimated profile shape as is currently the case for these meters.

How will I know which meters are affected?
Only AMR compliant meters with a Profile Class of 05-08 will be impacted by P272. Profile Class can be found from your MPAN number. It is usually the first 2 digits after the S in the top row of boxes.

When will this happen?
The aim is for all affected meters to be changed by April 2017. We will undertake this change at the point that your contract is renewed in order to minimise any disruption.

Will my supply be disrupted?
No, amendments to metering specifications will be made remotely. There may however be some instances where access to sites may be required but we will contact you in advance if this is required.

Will I be charged more?
That will depend on a number of factors. Whilst there are new charge elements you will see, there may be a reduction in your unit rate. The net impact will depend on how and when you are using your electricity and the geographical location of the meter.

What about quarterly billed meters / Unmetered supplies?
These are not affected at this time, though there is an aim to have all meters settled on a HH basis in time.

Will customers be subject to HH Volume Tolerance charges?
Not if you are currently on our Peace of Mind product. If you are on a flexible contract then this will depend on the terms of that contract.

Are other suppliers doing this?
All suppliers have the same obligation and must change qualifying meters to HH from the 5th November 2015. If you are unsure, please make sure you ask other suppliers about their plans to implement P272.

What if my AMR meter is not connected / working properly?
Until the connections is working, these meters will be excluded. How will the capacity be set? This will be based on an average of the 3 highest periods over the past 12 months.

How will TRIAD be charged if on pass-through contracts?
This will be based on 85% of the maximum demand, mid year contracts will be pro-rated as per the T&Cs. If there is a need to upgrade meters who will pay? Any costs incurred for upgrades will be borne by us.

Will meter operator agreements be required?
You must have a meter operator that can handle HH metering. If you do not you can appoint one or we can do this on your behalf.