Helping our customers during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re taking a number of steps throughout our business to protect our staff’s well-being and ensure we minimise disruption to the services we deliver to you during this challenging time.

Our NEPO account management team are still available to answer your questions, but the time it takes to answer your query may be impacted. Instead of calling our office number:

  • Email - You can email us your  query or if you’d like us to call you please provide a telephone number and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.
  • MyBusiness - The quickest and easiest way to get the information you need is to self-serve by visiting Here you can download copy invoices, submit meter readings and export consumption data 24 hours a day. To support you, we’ve made a series of how-to videos.
  • Live Chat - We’re also on hand to answer your query online via Live Chat by clicking the Green ‘Chat’ button on your MyBusiness homepage.


NEPO Virtual Events - May 2021

These free webinars help you to manage, understand and save.

  • the latest updates about what's going on in the energy industry and what we think you should be planning for, 
  • what makes up your energy prices, and how changes in the market will affect your budget,
  • and help you understand how to manage your energy

Framework update and panel

Get the latest updates about the NEPO framework, and speak to the team in our panel discussion.


Targeted Charging Review:
Binoy Dharsi, Market Rules Advisor

We know that Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review is a complex subject, and there’s a lot to get your head around. We're here to help you understand everything you need to know.

Wholesale Market Update:
James Chaplin, Energy Trader 

The latest developments in the UK Power Markets and the outlook for prices


The road to Net Zero:

The accelerating pace of climate change and rising climate anxiety makes the UK’s net zero 2050 carbon target a necessarily ambitious goal.

Decarbonising our buildings, industry and transport is only possible with zero emission energy.

Join us as we discuss the road to Net Zero, and how we can support your organisation reach your objectives through energy source and solutions.


Please do take the time to give us your feedback on the event, 
the presentations and any future content you'd like us to cover.

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Welcome to your NEPO energy centre

Save this page to your favourites - it's your energy centre to find everything you need to manage your account.

Here you'll find links to our the latest guides, webinars and events to help you set up and manage your account. We'll also keep you updated on energy industry news so you can keep ahead of the game in the energy market. Delivered by experts our interactive briefings will show you ways to save time, reduce costs and make your budget go further.

Have you had your welcome guide?

Your welcome guide includes information about your invoicing options, your supply choice and energy solutions. We've sent these out to customers, but if you think you haven't received this - please contact your Senior Account Manager Pete Fear at

Your prices explained: April 2021

Watch here as your Account Manager Steve Spittle talks you through:

  • What influences your prices
  • Walk through the "Your Prices Explained" document
  • Non-Energy-Costs reconciliation process
  • and where to find continued support

UK ETS - what you need to know

With the UK's move out of the EU, organisations that were previously participants within the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) will now be part of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme. But what do these changes mean, and how can you find a route to market for allowances?


An update on non-energy costs

We know it can be hard to keep track of ever changing non-energy costs and keep on top of what this could mean for your business, but we're here to help. We'll provide you with recent updates and the effects of COVID-19 could have on those non-energy costs that make up roughly 65% of your energy bill.

Watch our on-demand webinar to get our experts view on non-energy costs and how they could be changing.

Monitor Report

Our team keep watch over a wide range of factors that influence each non-energy cost, ranging from policy signals of government and Ofgem through to the latest view of electricity demand. Keeping on top of all these different factors means we can assist you in setting your energy budget with confidence.

For the latest headlines for some of the short, medium and long-term changes we’re keeping an eye on, check out the latest Monitor Report on Market Insight here:

Billing, prices and managing your acount

MyBusiness Live Demo

Watch here as we guide you through navigating the website, downloading invoices, downloading your HH data, and raising a query or complaint.


Handy MyBusiness Video Guides

Click on the links below to watch the videos:

Smart and advanced meters

Smart and advanced meters are two meter technologies introduced nationally to help create the national energy infrastructure needed for a low carbon future.

We're now able to offer smart metering to our non-half hourly, profile class 1-4 business customers. But what's the difference between these and AMR meters, and how can I get one?

Understanding your bill

If you are having difficulty understanding any section of your bill use the interactive bill guide to help make things clearer - View guide.

Billing and Payments

See our Billing & Payments page for more information about Direct Debit, VAT and CCL.

Give a meter reading

Simply enter your meter reading details for your electricity account and click "Submit" to send directly to us online. If you have half hourly meters, you don’t need to submit a reading.

Market Insight

For informed energy buyers. See the latest power, gas, oil, coal and other costs driving your electricity prices, with analysis from our traders.


Watch as Sam Taylor, a Senior Account Manager at EDF Energy, talks you through different charges on your bill and opportunities to make savings.





Blogs & Webinars

The Direction of Energy

Angela Hepworth, EDF Energy’s Director of Energy Policy and Regulation, helps you make sense of the big changes in the UK’s energy policy and regulation landscape to help you plot your path to success in 2020.

Targeted Charging Review update

Big changes have been announced to the way businesses are charged for the cost of maintaining the UK electricity network. To help you make sense of them, Peter Cork, one of our industry experts here at EDF Energy, talks through the changes and what they could mean for you.

Biogas and Biomass

Here’s an inspirational partnership between RAF Marham and Future Biogas for generators looking to sell their power without subsidies.

Watch the latest in our series of Power Market updates. James Chaplin runs through the latest market developments and whats been influencing the price of power, as well as looking ahead.

Watch our webinars again


Delivered by experts - our interactive webinars will show you ways to save time, reduce costs and make your budget go further. 

electric vehicle infographic

Your guide to electric vehicles for business

Electric vehicles and fleets make a significant contribution to decarbonising our streets and we are keen to support businesses in making the change to sustainable driving. 

Latest Talk Power Blogs

Latest guides and cheatsheets

Energy Efficiency