Our gas and electricity tariffs

Standard (Variable) price change – we're increasing our electricity and gas prices from 21 June 2017. Customers who have a prepayment meter or who are on a fixed tariff won’t be impacted by these price changes.


You're GUARANTEED to have no price rises until at least June 2018


  • Low fixed prices

  • No exit fees

  • Electricity backed 100% by low-carbon generation(1)


Our longest fix with ONE YEAR'S HEATING INSURANCE COVER and no exit fees


  • Long term fixed prices

  • Free boiler and heating insurance for first 12 months, subject to terms and conditions

  • Electricity backed 100% by low-carbon generation(1)


Now you can FIX YOUR PREPAY energy prices


  • Fixed prepayment prices

  • No exit fees

  • Electricity backed 100% by low-carbon generation(1)

Standard Variable

Our VARIABLE prices - can go up or down. Competitive rates for any meter type


  • No end date

  • No exit fees

EDF Energy will take responsibility for your switch, making sure the process is simple, reliable and hassle-free. Visit our Energy Switch Guarantee page to find out more.

Get smart with EDF Energy

Another reason to join us

Switch to EDF Energy and we’ll let you know when you can get smart with us. With a smart meter you’ll be able to take control of the energy you use. It’ll automatically send us meter readings so you don’t have to – plus you’ll only pay for the gas and electricity you use.  So take the first step now, it’s really easy – fill out a few details and we’ll give you a quote.

Smart meter in kitchen

More than just energy

We're here to make energy easy

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