Watch video: How we are building a low-carbon future

Our commitment to a low-carbon future

Countries using renewable technologies, such as wind and solar, alongside low-carbon nuclear have successfully cut their emissions. We're committed to investing in them all.

Watch video: Watch in 360 the inside of a nuclear reactor from the size of an atom with virtual reality

Generating low-carbon electricity

Around a fifth of the UK's electricity is generated by nuclear energy, helping power our customer's homes and businesses. We're investing in reliable low-carbon nuclear, alongside wind and solar power, to create a balanced energy mix and cut out polluting coal and gas.

Using virtual reality and CGI animation you can travel where no one has gone before. Shrink to the size of an atom and journey with us to the core of a nuclear reactor. 

Investing in renewable energy

We’re one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, owning 35 wind farms – including two off-shore.

We also own Europe’s largest operational battery storage unit, a technology which is making renewables a more stable part of the energy mix. 

Investing in low-carbon nuclear power

In a few years, many of the UK's power stations will close. Nuclear power is the most affordable, low-carbon energy source currently available to the UK. EDF Energy is playing a key role in the development of nuclear sites such as Sizewell C and Bradwell B. Hinkley Point C will provide low-carbon electricity to meet 7% of the UK demand.

Investing in innovative technology

We're applying new technologies and ways of working to help build a brighter energy future for the UK. Our programmes focus on coupling advances in science and engineering with new digital innovations.
Our cutting-edge technologies will accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Whether you’re considering going smart at home, electric on the road or reducing your business’s carbon footprint, we can help you